Official: Marcelo Michel Leaño will continue with Chivas for the Clausura 2022

Ricardo Peláez announced the permanence of Marcelo Michel Leaño for the next tournament, the Clausura 2022

MEXICO – The sports director of Chivas, Ricardo Peláez, made known that Marcelo Michel Leaño will become the technical director of the Guadalajara, facing the next contest.

“To all the Chiva nationIn addition to greeting you, I want to send you a brief message to tell you that I have made the determination that Marcelo Michel Leaño be the technical director of the first team for the next tournament ”, announced the manager.

Given the determination, he acknowledged that there will be concern on the part of the fans, so that at the end of the team’s participation in the current tournament, he will provide the reasons why Marcelo Michel Leaño was ratified.

“I know that there will be questions and different opinions about it and for that reason I would like to explain this decision much more in detail, so once we finished our participation in this tournament, I will offer a press conference to talk about it,” said the leader. of the Guadalajara.

Pelaez He pointed out that in case of not accessing the league in this championship it will be considered a failure.

“I am confident that we will be able to qualify and I am also aware that if we do not, it is a resounding failure for which I take responsibility. For me, it is very important that you know that the determination that Marcelo Michel Leaño stop being an interim and be the final technical director is something well thought out, studied and is independent of the final result of this tournament, “he said.

“I have tried to be very analytical in decision-making, we did not finish the previous process due to the results and we will not give continuity to the current interim based on them, there are other integral project factors at the institution level that cause this be the most appropriate determination from my perspective, “he added.

In the end he sent a message to the fans committing himself together with the squad and coaching staff to obtain better results in the remainder of the championship.

“I invite you to encourage until the last minute, aware that as the board, as the coaching staff and players, we are putting all our energy into lifting the boat for this tournament and we are also already planning the next one and once we have defined the technical director we will finish to evaluate what are the adjustments that our template requires ”, he concluded.


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Official: Marcelo Michel Leaño will continue with Chivas for the Clausura 2022