Not even Xavi believes the comeback

Nor there is only one rival in their right mind who thinks they can come back to Real Madrid in this League. Because the distance with the rivals grows and grows and because the pothole for the white team already passed in mid-February. Now the whites are once again an intractable team, which does not leave even the crumbs to its rivals. There are 10 points with the second and 15 with the third and fourth, distances never shortened with 10 days to go. Not even the most optimistic can dream of a Real Madrid collapse.

The Madrid I beat the Majorca in a great game, serious and very well played by the whites, who continue with their punch intact and who are a rock in defense, leaving eight of the last 12 games with a clean sheet. I said, a wall.

The only problem of Madrid are the injuries: Rodrygo he left lame after a tackle from Rallo and Benzema with a battered soleus six days before the Clsico. Ah, the real alarms went off, not with the comeback threats coming from Barcelona.

Not even Xavi believes the comeback

Benzema, another double and an assist without disheveled

Karim he scored two goals and gave an assist almost without breaking a sweat. He has left the French, who has already surpassed his best record: 32 goals this season. He is the undisputed leader of Real Madrid, the top scorer in the championship and also the best player in LaLiga. And he should also be the next Ballon d’Or if France Football wants his award to be a serious award again.

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Valverde is capital

faith It must be permanent at Real Madrid. His presence gives vigor and intensity to the team, in addition to allowing those of Ancelotti turn up the pressure Vinicius’s first goal is his, stealing the ball at the edge of the area. The Uruguayan has not had all the minutes he deserved at the start of the season, but now, when the titles are decided, carlo seems ready to pull him. The litmus test for Carletto is in the Classic: he must make a hole for him no matter what.

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Yellow for Vinicius

Sanchez Martinez did not have his day. He was wrong in the simple decisions and in the more complicated ones. Show a yellow to Valverde for cleanly stealing a ball from Kubo and Maffeo walked away scot-free after nailing Vini in the knee. It’s that he didn’t pit or miss and then he took out cardboard to the Brazilian for protesting.

In the second half, he also left without a red a tackle by Rallo on Rodrygo that ended with the Brazilian injured. Medi Jimnez in the VAR did not say anything either. But aside from these actions, the worst thing is that I failed in many actions in the game that made even Ancelotti.

Zidane warm up what are you going out
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17 goals from Vini: who didn’t have what?

Vinicius continues to gain stats this season. He has already scored 17 goals this season (14 in the League, two in the Champions League and one in the Super Cup), which is not a few, especially for a player who was said not to have a goal. It is clear that he had it, but that his blocking when he reached the area was penalizing him. With confidence, he has shown that he can be a player of 20 goals per seasona figure that gives an important qualitative leap to the team and to the personal level.

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1647328141 378 Not even Xavi believes the comeback

Madrid remains unstoppable

The Madrid He closed the day with a 10-point lead over the second-place finisher and 15 over the third- and fourth-place finishers. To think of a comeback for any team, no matter how much the Clsico went out for the whites, is nothing short of an impossible dream. The Madrid He has been dominating the championship with an iron fist since the first day and it does not seem that he is going to collapse in the final stretch. What’s more, it seems that the losing streak has already passed and that now she has returned to cruising speed.

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Not even Xavi believes the comeback