“No to incompetence,” swore Amaury, the now pimp of the incompetent in Chivas

LOS ANGELES – #FueraVuce regurgitates Chivas fans. The aforementioned, former King Midas, does not plan to resign. He relies on the mirage of a 2-0 over Puebla. In a fit of cynicism he could say: “We are in the playoff zone.” Of course, at the expense of a Pachuca who has pending (November 3) his game against San Luis.

Víctor Manuel Vucetich again blames the arbitration. After more than 100 minutes of disorder, football misery, tactical inconsistencies against León (0-3), he intends to wash his hands, bloody from incompetence, with the Nazarenes.

The so-called #ChillaHermanos howl like horns in heat. #FueraVucetich is the bleating in the Akron stable and on social media. The former King Midas plays his role as victim: he leaves everything in the hands of the board.

The fans rebuke the players (“few guys ..!”), Who react as they do on the field, with disdain, with indifference, with laziness, with the valemadrismo typical of someone who goes from starving to bloated with gluttony . “Pour me another vodka with tamarind” and let “the unforgettable tap water band play louder.”

Vucetich goes crazy and wants to play Frankenstein, but his Chivas look more like Mr. Potato Head from Toy Story than a soccer team. Nothing fits, nothing fits. The perfect anatomy of ridicule.

True, the Guadalajara footballer is responsible. He is so clumsy that he only plays when he has the ball. It has no game reading. Don’t try, don’t believe, don’t invent. When they killed his hunger, they killed the boy who played soccer. Today he is a rogue bureaucrat in his underpants who denigrates the history of a uniform.

Something is irrefutable: if after so many months the former King Midas has not made the team work, has not imposed his law, his way of playing, his tactical pretensions (if there are any), his authority, he will no longer do it. It is impossible.

If a year and a week after taking command of Guadalajara you have not achieved your goals, your obligations, your dreams, you must be honest and acknowledge that you have failed.

But, it is clear, Vucetich is not going to resign. Not only because of the settlement, but because it would be an absolute humiliation to recognize the dimension of failure. Nothing is more painful than the mockery behind the mirror.



Jorge Pietrasanta and Paco Gabriel de Anda announce the fall of Chivas

I regret to tell you, Victor Manuel Vucetich, that you have lost this battle. I leave you a question, Vuce: who is more cowardly: the one who dies of fear, the one who dies with fear or the one who dies of fear?

And beyond the undeniable and unavoidable guilt of Ricardo Peláez, his postage stamps, his threats at press conferences, and his failed purchases, the manure failure of Amaury Vergara, who on April 23, 2019 launched an oath, made triumph, in Twitter:

“To the fans: what happens to us is unacceptable. I am doing what is necessary to transform and revolutionize the institution, and there will be no tolerance for incompetence. You will know the changes soon. I will defend tradition and no one will be above the values ​​of @Chivas ”, Amaury wrote.

But, the incompetence is still there, Amaury, and you are his standard-bearer, his pimp, his perfidious patron. Jorge Vergara’s rabid reflection – I withdraw it for the umpteenth time – becomes your heraldry: “caguengues children”.

Because it is evident that the owner, a paper parapet, shakes his hand at the cynicism of the players, the impudence of Vucetich, and the complicit silence of Ricardo Peláez, who exhausted the failed saints of his faith.

This Wednesday night, in the supposed red-and-white fortress, Chivas indecorously confessed all his sins. There are mistakes positioning players and assigning them tasks that they dislike; and these rebel with apathy, with an indolence, with a shameless irresponsibility that ends up generating a capital humiliation, before a Lion that is barely in gestation.

Serious individual errors in this poisoned 0-3. In front and in the background. Fragile defenses and still the Vucetich lottery, to find a reliable goalkeeper, when of the two pampered, enlarged and proud in diapers, that he has in place, neither could even guard the abandoned tomb of his status as King Midas.

#FueraVucetich the raucous moan from the rostrum, this Wednesday night. But, are those players less unworthy of being in Chivas, all that bunch of irresponsible people? But, of course, one or two goals against minors in the Olympic and Pre-Olympic Games, and the ignorant rojiblancos fans fall from their knees to kiss their feet.

Because yes, because Jorge Vergara also detected it, but he never said it: in the gallery there is also one or another “caguengue boy”, who by pampering the footballer, perverts him even more.

And the end of incompetence, Amaury, by when? It should be remembered that the rest of the Vergara family have already had enough of the junior sucking OmniLife’s udder, and spitting out his crop to make Chivas swallow.