Night summit with Chelsea

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Barça will try to unblock the negotiations that were at a standstill

It is based on the premise that Aubameyang and Marcos Alonso will go in a ‘pack’, although no scenario is ruled out

Third meeting of the day between Barça and Chelsea. Catalans and Londoners are condemned to come to an understanding to reach an agreement for the operations of the two players involved: Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang and Marcos Alonso. The ‘blues’ want the Gabonese to play at Stamford Bridge and the Blaugrana want the Madrid player to play at the Camp Nou.

The Blaugrana club plans to resume the negotiations during the last hours of the day to get them out of the impasse in which they find themselves, with a new rethinking for the two footballers. All scenarios are open, but everything seems to indicate that there will be no agreement until tomorrow.

After it became known that Aubameyang suffered a broken jaw following the armed robbery he suffered at his home, Chelsea requested medical reports to prove the seriousness of the matter.

Seeing that the time off could be around four weeks, the ‘blues’ tried to close the case with a transfer of the striker. Something to which Barça flatly refused. The two parties have given themselves some time to reflect and tonight they will meet again.

At this time, it is based on the premise that Aubameyang and Marcos Alonso would go within the same operation, but, we repeat, a little more than 24 hours before the transfer market closes, this operation could have a new outcome. In the event that both were in a ‘pack’, a new appraisal of the scorer and the side would have to be carried out.

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Night summit with Chelsea