Nicolás Benedetti clings to America, despite Solari’s contempt

Nicolás Benedetti seeks to add his first minutes of the season and convince Solari, who does not consider it and intends to leave for the arrival of a reinforcement

Nicolas Benedetti does not want to leave America and he will not allow himself to be removed so easily from the team to bring in a new foreign reinforcement. The Colombian refuses to leave Mazatlan, despite the fact that there is already a loan agreement, because he wants to stay in the Eagles, even though it is not to the taste of Santiago Solari.

Sources commented to ESPN that the azulcrema coaching staff has been sincere with the Colombian midfielder by telling him that they do not see him as a fundamental player for the team and if he stays he will have a very secondary role in the squad and would not even be considered for the games when his place on the roster.

The same source said that Santiago Solari don’t go to Nicolas Benedetti as a player who can make a difference or help the football they try to develop with the Eagles, in addition to the fact that his long history of injuries does not generate confidence in the coaching staff and company.

Despite this situation, Benedetti is hell-bent on staying in the America club and show that you can be an important player. ‘El Poeta’ is shielded in that he has a contract with the institution and has the right to remain with the azulcremas and try to add minutes with the club’s shirt.

For now Nicolas Benedetti He is with the rest of his teammates in Dallas, preparing for this Sunday’s friendly against Chivas at the Cotton Bowl. The Colombian will seek to add his first minutes of the season with him America, by leaving physical problems behind, but has not received a chance from Santiago Solari, despite the fact that he has taken him to the bench in the last four games of the feathered ones.