Neymar and Mbappé meet again

Harshly criticized for one of the worst season starts of his career, Neymar vindicated himself last Saturday against Bordeaux with a performance that shows that he is one of the best players in the world. The Brazilian scored a double, it was a nightmare for the rival and, in addition, he met again with Mbappé, forming a devastating tandem that was unstoppable at Matmut Atlantique.

Throughout the game, Neymar and Mbappé did not stop looking for each other until they met. Bondy’s man found his teammate with a long pass in the middle of the first half and Ney responded with a great cross definition. Minutes later, both signed the best play of the night, on a wall that Neymar materialized after a beautifully made heel from Kylian. It took 11 months to see a pass from the striker to his friend again, as it was something that had not happened since January, in a game in which PSG beat Montpellier 4-0.

Neymar erased with a stroke of the pen all the criticism he had received in France for his irregular season and for his physical condition. The former Barcelona player scored his first double in the last 11 months (the last one was against Lorient in January) and reactivated a connection with Mbappé that seemed to have dissipated during the start of the season.

A factor that plays against Real Madrid

Although the attempt to sign Kylian Mbappé by Real Madrid is a long game that is played in a market without physical headquarters, everything that happens on the green influences this operation to come to fruition. The good personal relationship that unites Mbappé and Neymar as well as the recovery of their connection on the pitch is undoubtedly a factor that it does not benefit Madrid too much so that the Frenchman is clear that the best thing for his career is a change of life from capital to capital.

Whites, for their part, have a similar trick in Karim Benzema. Since the arrival of the nine white to the French team, both have always been very close and have shown a good understanding up front.

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Neymar and Mbappé meet again