Neto has an offer from Lazio

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Barça plans to give him the letter of freedom and save the record for his last year

Umtiti’s case is more complex and the last injury has not helped

Barça continues to work to lighten the salary mass of the squad. Right now at the club they are suffering from the complications of finding a way out for transferable players. Until now there is not a single player who has openly said that he wants to leave. Braithwaite and De Jong have been two of the last players who have hinted that they are doing well at the club.

That is why Barça is even considering giving the letter of freedom to some of these footballers with which Xavi does not count for the next season. Two of the clearest cases, in this sense, they are those of Umtiti and Neto. At the club they understand that he has a very high profile for the role of second goalkeeper.

A record that was key for him to agree to leave the role of starting goalkeeper in Valencia to go to Barça in the shadow of Ter Stegen. Barça carried out this operation in order to balance the accounts for that year, in an operation where Cillessen also entered.

Now the Brazilian has a proposal from Lazio on the table. But the Italian club is only interested if the player arrives free. Neto still has one more year against him, and that is the part that Barça wants to save. It is likely that Lazio will not reach the figures of the contract with Barça, but the player could receive a signing bonus that would compensate for the difference in the record.

More complicated is the case of Umtiti, whom the club renewed for one more season (until 2026)– as a maneuver for the adjustments of the wage mass. The Frenchman no longer ruled out leaving last January on loan, but an injury separated him from any operation.

Once recovered, Barça is also considering giving him the letter of freedom after several seasons in which he has had a testimonial role.

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Neto has an offer from Lazio