Neither Messi nor Griezmann, yesterday the star was Courtois

The Real Madrid goalkeeper kept his team alive against Inter and was key in the final triumph

Courtois had merit interventions against Inter


The first Wednesday of Champions it was, footballingly, much better than Tuesday. The match Liverpool-Milan (3-2), the City- Leipzig (6-3) and the Sporting-Ajax (1-5) were three monuments to attacking football. Another memorable give-and-take meeting was the Inter-Madrid (0-1). In the first half, Courtois saved the whites from being sheared. In the second, the meringues made merits to score much earlier and not have to wait for Rodrygo mark -a great pass of Camavinga– in the minute of Sergio Ramos. But the Barça fans were very aware of PSG last night, which, for the first time, lined up Messi, Neymar and Mbappe together. Fiasco in Bruges (1-1). The Belgians, on a determined basis, fired twice as many shots at ports as the Parisians. Messi yes, it was 3 very clear: one went to the crossbar, another saved her Mignolet and the easiest one went to the clouds. To the PSG yes it will reach him for the Champions but it will not be sewing and singing. For now, there are teams like Bayern that seem much more compact. AND Griezmann? Substitute at home to him Porto (0-0). Overwhelmed by his own fans when entering the field of juice, in the end he caused the expulsion of a Portuguese defender in what could be a key play. Ultimately, last night, the VAR saved the Athletic of defeat. AND Ilaix? Still not debuting in Leipzig. With how well it would do Barça.

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