Nacho Ambriz and the call after El Chiringuito to sign him in Huesca

1625556038 Nacho Ambriz and the call after El Chiringuito to sign

The directive of the Huesca and the representative of Ignacio Ambriz They had weeks negotiating the arrival of the Mexican coach to Spanish football, but it was a phone call when the “magic” was given that accelerated the recruitment.

The delegate of the Aragonese team and participant of the television program The beach bar, José Antonio Martín, broke down the reasons that made them opt for the extimonel del León to try to return to the First Division in Spain, but above all to get a style.

It was by phone when leaving El Chiringuito and at 3:30 in the morning the conversationI said ‘that’s it, we’re going to jump into the sea’ and we jumped into the sea and it turns out that there was a float that Nacho Ambriz said, ”said Martín.

It was a wonderful conversation, about an hour and I was noticing every minute that passed that he was speaking the same football language with a coach who seemed to be waiting for us ”.

From the stands of the El Alcoraz Stadium, home of Huesca, Martín explained in a Half-time video call that from before they had already heard an avalanche of favorable opinions from the Mexican.

In any case, Martín recalled that he had witnessed how the tandem Javier Aguirre-Ambriz He returned Atlético de Madrid to the European elite, approximately 15 years ago.

One of the good opinions he heard about Ambriz was that of César Azpilicueta, Spanish national team, Chelsea player and former Osasuna member, when the Mexican combo led the Basque club. But there were also former Liga MX characters who paid for it, such as the former Pumas technician, Miguel González “Míchel”, who a couple of years ago was also DT of Huesca.

“What Míchel told me is ‘you don’t have a damn idea of ​​the coach you’re signing'”added Martín. “Fortunately, all the circumstances were given so that after an almost magical conversation, one night a couple of weeks ago, that circle that we had started a long time ago finished closing perfectly.”Nacho Ambriz and the call after El Chiringuito to sign

Let it be ‘the Huesca of Nacho Ambriz’

Martín highlighted that Ambriz endorsed his good image with titles in Mexico And that is why they expect the coach’s stay to be long, so they are already waiting for him to land in Spain this Tuesday to be presented and start the preseason the following Thursday.

“We want to go up, of course it is the highest aspiration, but we want to be the Huesca of Nacho AmbrizWe want him to be with us time to give us a style, “he said.

“And I anticipate the cycles: a week later they will tell us ‘hey how good this coach looks’, two weeks later they will tell us ‘how successful the coach’ and Throughout the season many footballers will say ‘he is the best coach I have had in my life’”.

Although he accepted that the news was received with surprise in the Spanish soccer medium, Martín recalled that in Mexico there have always been innovators on the benches.

“Let’s not forget that we are all playing with a line of three because Guardiola passed by as a footballer, because he saw that a certain La Volpe had invented that formula and that other Mexican technicians had even improved it. You talk to Juanma Lillo and he tells you about the things that he tactically incorporated from Mexican soccer, ”he highlighted.

No favorites, yes hopefuls

Prudent, Martín mentioned that the Huesca aspires to return to the First Division, after losing the category just last May. However, the top favorites are others like Eibar and Valladolid because they receive more money because they spent more time in the First Division, as well as Almería, owned by a Saudi sheikh.

The Spanish Second Division is like the seventh, eighth league in the world for power, power, toughness, competitiveness and number of followers. It will be like every year: torture. But a coach who doesn’t work is the one who betrays his own ideas, that’s why Nacho Ambriz is here, because he never betrays himself ”.