Mozo leaves… ‘Chapo’ Montes and Aldrete approach Pumas

The university team is close to specifying reinforcements for the Apertura 2022

Luis ‘Chapo’ Montes Y Adrian Aldrete they approach the Cougarsafter the sale of Alan Mozo to the Chivas facing the Opening 2022 of the MX League.

The reporter Antonio Rosales revealed that the Cougars they would incorporate mountsfrom León, and Aldrete, who would arrive from Cruz Azul, to acquire two experienced players after the imminent departure of Waiter to the herd

As will be recalled, the Cougars They showed shortcomings in the playoff of Mexican soccer and when it seemed that they could do more, they were eliminated by Chivas del Guadalajara.

The auriazules were affected by the lack of leaders and more experienced players.

In case they end up arriving Louis Montes Y Adrian Aldretethese two will be able to shelter the youngsters both in the attack and in the feline defense, especially because of the weight they have in Mexican soccer.


On the other hand, on Friday afternoon the medical examinations of the first team of the Cougarsas a stage prior to the pre-season work towards the new campaign of the MX League.

Ten members of the campus went to the facilities of the Sports Medicine Directorate of the General Directorate of University Sports of the UNAM, in order to be evaluated.

They are Marco García, Ricardo Galindo, Jerónimo Rodríguez, Carlos Gutiérrez, Santiago Trigos, Emanuel Montejano, Pablo Bennevendo, Óliver Pérez, Leonardo Tapia and José Navarro.

The rest of the players will present themselves in the same place between Monday 30 and Tuesday 31 May.

Dr. Eduardo Acosta, director of the University Club’s Medical Services, expressed in relation to the presence of the group of players in said venue, that “stress tests, dental, nutritional, psychological, reaction speed, strength , to see how they are and that they start the preseason well to give their best”.


The players also spoke and Jerónimo Rodríguez said that “we joined fresh and motivated. The goals are always high in the team; I think that the last tournament did not end as we would have liked and we have a rematch”.

Similarly, Ricardo Galindo stated: “The responsibility that we youth squads have is to take advantage of the opportunity that the club offers us, both Andrew (Lillini) as the sports director and the president. Not all teams offer it and we have to mature quickly, speed up the process to cover the places left by our teammates. We are going to respond to the trust they give us and we are going to prepare ourselves to give our best.”

He also stated: “The fact that Andrés has stayed is a plus for us, the academy players, because he has always gone hand in hand with us. He is always supporting you, giving you advice and correcting you when you need it. He has given life to the academy again for the opportunities it offers us and we have to take advantage of them”.

Finally, Marco García stressed that “we are already thinking about the next tournament, motivated and with the clear goal of becoming champions. We have come close and this tournament is a great opportunity for everyone”.


After completing the medical tests, the team will carry out beach work in Acapulco, Guerrero.

The Cougars They are scheduled to stay in that paradisiacal place, from June 1 to 10, with which they will formally begin physical preparation for the next Opening 2022

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Mozo leaves… ‘Chapo’ Montes and Aldrete approach Pumas