Monterrey: Registrations, registrations and stories to follow in the Clausura 2022

After failing in the previous Liguilla, the ‘Vasco’ will look for a better role in the Clausura 2022 with new faces in a squad that already looked very strengthened

Striped has been left to duty under the command of Javier Aguirre, since despite having one of the best squads in Mexican football has not been able to obtain a championship, so now they will have the task of being protagonists in the Clausura 2022 and fight for good dividends with the new elements that were added to the campus what are they Rodolfo Pizarro Y Luis Romo.

The Monterrey team has stayed in the attempt to be crowned with the ‘Vasco’ with whom they have reached the league, but both in the Clausura 2021 and in the Apertura 2021 they were eliminated in the quarterfinals, in the first by Santos and in the second by Atlas.

Here’s how the outlook for the striped outfit looks like for the next contest:


Since the arrival of Javier Aguirre, the team has undergone several changes in its roster, but for the next tournament there were few modifications, but they captured the spotlight due to the quality of the players who joined.

One of them is Luis Romo, who arrived from Cruz Azul, a team with which he achieved prominence and helped to be crowned in the Clausura 2021 after a 23-year drought. Now, the player’s job will be to become a fundamental piece of Striped, in order to help them be protagonists.

Added to this is the return of Rodolfo Pizarro, who returns to the squad in search of obtaining new championships, as he was crowned with the team in the 2019 CONCACAF Champions League and in the 2019 Apertura.

Pizarro left the team to play for Inter Miami, from the MLS; but now he leaves the Florida team to rejoin Striped with a view to the Closing Tournament 2022.


One of the young promises of the Monterrey, Carlos Rodriguez, ended up leaving the institution, by virtue of the fact that he went to Cruz Azul in a transaction in which there was a barter for Luis Romo, who is now the reinforcement of the squad led by Javier Aguirre.

Carlos Rodriguez It arose from the basic forces of the Monterrey team and became a relevant element within Rayados, a team with which he had different achievements.

The midfielder was crowned with the squad in the CONCACAF Champions League in the 2019 and 2021 editions, in addition to the 2019 Apertura Tournament and an MX Cup.

His performance with the Monterrey team allowed him to be called up to the Mexican team, both the senior and the one that played the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, but now he left the Monterrey team to try his luck with Cruz Azul.


-Will Rodolfo Pizarro be better than Duvan Vergara?

The Mexican returned to Striped after his time at Inter de Miami of the MLS and he will do so in search of improving what he did in his first stage with the team, in which he was crowned with the squad in the Apertura 2019 and in the Concachampions of the same year.

Pizarro’s challenge will be to overcome what he did and show that he can be a better option than Duvan vergara for the team, after the Colombian stood out with his contribution to the attack, showing himself as an unbalancing player who scored four goals and had an assist during the Apertura 2021.

-Will Luis Romo carry more than Carlos Rodríguez?

The now former player of Blue Cross He will have the task of showing that he is a better option for Carlos Rodríguez, after he arrived in Rayados in the exchange in which precisely the latter emigrated to La Maquina.

blunt became a relevant element in the capital’s team, which he helped to be crowned in the Clausura 2021 that allowed the team to end a 23-year drought without championships, and now under the command of Javier Aguirre he will have to show that he can be a decisive player in the midfield of the Monterrey.

-Will Javier Aguirre be crowned in Liga MX with Rayados?

The strategist, one of the best in the Mexican deck, returned to Liga MX after 20 years to lead Monterrey, but has the pending account of being champion with that team.

Aguirre He has played two tournaments with Rayados and in both he has reached the league, in the Clausura 2021 he was eliminated in the quarterfinals by Santos and in the Apertura 2021 he had to play the repechage to reach the next round, but could not reach the semifinals later who lost against Atlas, so now he will have his sights set on winning the team for the first time.


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Monterrey: Registrations, registrations and stories to follow in the Clausura 2022