Monchi: “I hope that time will heal the wounds with Sergio Ramos”

ANDl former collegiate Antonio Jesus Lopez Nieto visited the Sánchez-Pizjuán to have a talk with the Sevilla sports general director Monchi in the program ‘Face to face’, from Canal Sur Television. Both reviewed some of the most outstanding aspects of the Cádiz biography and among other topics commented, with the perspective that the years give him, the response of the fans of the Seville to sale of Sergio Ramos and the relationship that exists since then. “I am sorry, I would like to break a spear in favor of Sergio. Same as the sale of Kings gave us a lot, that of Sergio also. Possibly we all get confused in the message. I raise my hand first because we were not able to sell that sale as well as we did with José Antonio. Kings was always loved and Sergio… I hope that time remove those wounds and either recognized for what he was, a magnificent player who gave us a lot“, he claimed.

The footballer is also a person

“It is important to be close to the footballer, he is a person, he has problems with his son, his friend who comes, Wi-Fi, his daughter’s school and they are problems that, like everyone else, take away hours of sleep and concentration. My words are partisan and they are not worth it, but I always say that people get into Youtube and say farewell to Dragutinovic, farewell to Escudé, Gameiro, Rakitic, Luis Fabiano, Kanouté, Dani Alves, Banega, anyone. Everyone is excited, everyone is crying with sorrow and joy for having been here and that is not easy ”

No secrets

“The only secret is work in life is work, I heard it from Valdano in his day. Success is only ahead of work in the dictionary, it is the only way. It is not Monchi’s secret, it is the secret from Sevilla. The club has managed to create an environment where the person is at ease because when the person is at ease, the footballer comes out “

Your designation as athletic director

“I must be here today for two Roberto Alés. The team descended, Carrión left and Alés arrived. He wanted to find a new coach -Joaquín Caparrós and look for a technical secretary. He called me to his office and when he called me it was to talk about penalties because we didn’t even have to pay for the balls. He asked me ‘do you want to be a sports director?’ I have many defects and one is that I don’t know how to say no. If he asked me if I want to be the one who paints the field, I would also have said yes because Roberto was a real guy. I said yes and after ten seconds I said to myself ‘ What did you say yes to? ‘ I remember that I came to my house, I told my people about it and they said ‘what is that?’ Well sign players “

The death of Antonio Puerta

“It has been one of the most difficult moments. If you tell me the hardest moment, possibly that is it. On Tuesday morning when Antonio dies and they tell us, having to tell the staff that Antonio has passed away … José María del Nido had gone to the UEFA hotel to try to postpone or suspend the match. I stayed at the team hotel, summoned the group. Some already knew, those who were closer like Maresca or Aitor Ocio but the bulk of the squad didn’t know it. It was tough. “