Monchi closes the door when he leaves: “I’m not a coward”

ANDhe Seville closes tonight the group stage of the Champions League in front of Manchester City. Nervionense sporting director general Monchi He has attended to the media displaced to English lands in the concentration hotel. The Cadiz break your silence to talk about the present and the future. “It hasn’t been that long, Maybe I used to talk too much. It was a somewhat personal decision because sometimes you talk so much that I myself was tired of listening to myself. thought it was good stop a little because my message did not arrive. But I have continued to do my job, which is the most important thing. Sometimes it’s better if you don’t convey what you want and if you don’t like what you hear or you make a mistake in the message, stop and look with perspective”, commented Monchi.

Take the criticism

“The criticism that there is of me I have earned. If a short time ago my work stood out and now there is criticism it is because I am not doing things well, if people, with reason, are not happy with what they are seeing, I assume criticism with integrity, with force and in the only way that I understand, which is by improving what we are doing, working. People don’t want to listen to us, they want us to do things. The situation for a Sevilla fan is frustrating. If there are now criticism is because I will have made merits for it”.

How is Monchi?

“With the will, desire and enthusiasm to turn this around are intact, in fact I have that internal revenge of turning the situation around and those who know me know what I’m talking about. I grew up in this club and I’m of which I never give up, and it is time to show it with work, with enthusiasm and with desire. I hope the lighting comes to me and I am able to transform that desire into success, which is what people are going to buy from you”.

Discrepancies with the directive

“This club has grown because there has never been a single doctrine, each one has had a criterion and put themselves on the table. I am a complicated guy in my day to day because I have a difficult genius. I argue with the president and the vice president the same that when we won the Europa League in Cologne or the points record was broken with Lopetegui. What if I thought about leaving? Not at all. You know me well and now to pretend or think about it would be cowardly. I can be many things, but I am not a coward. I always show my face and sometimes they break it, but I didn’t even think about that for a second. Only to get back on track together with my president, vice president, my people, to turn the situation around”.

What are you most worried about

“Everything worries me. Today is a match where there is not much at stake but there is prestige. At the same time, I am concerned about finding solutions to reverse the situation and make up for lost time. What if I think about Sunday? Of course. They are in a moment magnificent, but we are Sevilla and we will try to go for the victory”.

What does the template need

“There are players who don’t have a spare because there are also injured players. What the fans want is for us to stop saying things and do things. There are two games left for the break. There is time to sit down, assess all the possibilities and no one doubts that we will do the maximum possible effort to turn the situation around. The Cup match ends on the 14th and there will be time to calmly assess everything and come up with solutions”.

Level of the current squad

“That this squad has more football, more performance, more repertoire, that’s for sure. We don’t have a squad to be 18, I’ll tell you. all the decisions from the conviction that it was the best template that could be made, but seeing the result we have done something wrong”.

How do you face the derby?

“We have a game that is very important for what it means in the city against a Betis at its best moment and we didn’t arrive at our best moment but we are Sevilla. The preparation, sometimes it is better to let it go and let the inspiration come to you. The group knows what the game means and we have to take it with the necessary fortitude knowing that we represent an important part of the city of Seville”

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Monchi closes the door when he leaves: “I’m not a coward”