MLS roster for All Star Game surpasses Liga MX by $ 13.86 million

There is a difference of 13.86 million dollars between the MLS Stars team and Liga MX and in the next game it will be shown if that makes a difference on the field of play

The MLS squad that will be in the All Star Game exceeds by 13.86 million dollars to the list of summoned by Juan Reynoso for the team of the MX League. The soccer of the United States boasts, in addition to the most valuable player, a squad of 132.55 million dollars, for the 118.69 million dollars of the Mexican team.

Of the four positions in which the calls were divided, two are with greater value for Liga MX and two for MLS, this according to data taken from Transfermarkt, specialized site.

The United States league is superior in goal, in which its three goalkeepers add up to the value of 9.35 million dollars, for the 5.06 million dollars of the goalkeepers of Mexican soccer. In that position, Pedro Gallese and André Blake, with $ 3.30 million each, are the most expensive.

In defense, the price of those of Liga MX is higher, despite the fact that there are nine, one less than those of the MLS. Mexicans add 33.99 million dollars, for the 31.35 of the Americans. Cesar Montes, with $ 6.60 million, is the highest-valued player in the lower zone.

Liga MX also dominates the half court. However, in that position he has nine footballers registered, for seven in the MLS. The combined Mexican soccer totals 46.09 million dollars and the United States 45.1 million dollars. In the center of the field, the presence of Fernando Gorriarán, Orbelín Pineda and Luis Romo stands out, as the most expensive with 8.80 million dollars.

Up front is where there is the most difference. Those of the MLS, which registered seven forwards, add up to $ 46.75 million; while those of Liga MX, which registered six, have a value of 33.55 million dollars. In the attack, Diego Rossi stands out, with $ 19.80 million, who is the most expensive player of the 54 who were called up for the All Star Game.