Millionaires will surprise Fluminense for the Cup with good football

Alberto Gamero’s team has been winning and liking in the Colombian league, but the time has come to translate his idea and show that good work in the continental tournament. The first test of Millonarios will be nothing more and nothing less than against the powerful Fluminense, who is also struggling to continue advancing in Libertadores and find a place in the group stage. The first round will be this Tuesday at El Campín.

In the match preview, coach Alberto Gamero acknowledged that ‘Flu’ arrived in Bogotá with great and experienced World Cup figures, but highlighted his boys’ desire and hunger for victory. The albiazul is not daunted by the big names in the Brazilian team and on the contrary, they are convinced of his good football.

Gamero’s ‘Kinder’, in which men like ’10’ Daniel Ruiz shine, has responded well in recent games. In addition to this, they have a large payroll for this butler duel; Key pieces like David Macalister Silva, his great reference, return.

Regarding the height issue, they consider that advantage will only be taken if Millonarios comes out to propose and plays with intensity, without allowing the rival to do his thing. The Brazilians like possession and whenever they get good results from the capital, they do it that way. Gamero studied them well and does not intend to give advantages.

Millonarios will seek victory regardless of the score in El Campín, since on March 1 it will be defined in Rio de Janeiro who will access the next phase for this key. The ambassadors hope to strike against the favorite of this key. “This is a task that ends in Brazil but the first is to win tomorrow, with any result, you have to go with 3 points to look for the classification there”, said the coach in the previous one.

Libertadores Cup – Phase 2
Millionaires (COL) vs Fluminense (BRA)
Day: Tuesday, February 22
Time: 7:30 pm (Colombian time)
Stadium: El Campin, Bogota DC
Referee: Dario Herrera (ARG)

possible alignments
Millionaires: Álvaro Montero; Andrés Felipe Roman, Andrés Llinás, Juan Pablo Vargas, Omar Bertel; Larry Vasquez, Stiven Vega; Daniel Ruiz, Eduardo Sosa, Macalister Silva; Diego Herazo.
DT: Alberto Gamero

Fluminense: Marcos Felipe; Nino, Felipe Melo, David Braz; André Trindade, Yago Felipe, Samuel Xavier, Cris Silva; Luiz Henrique, Fred, William.
DT: Abel Braga

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Millionaires will surprise Fluminense for the Cup with good football