Millionaires beat America in Daytona: relive the friendly classic

The game is over at Daytona Soccer Fest! Millionaires beat America 2-1.

Min 88. América looks imprecise and ran out of ideas after Silva’s goal. The last minutes are consumed.

Min 85. Double change in the blues. Andrés Murillo and Ricardo Rosales and Andrés Murillo enter, replacing David M. Silva and Luis Carlos Ruiz.

Min 75. It does not change the panorama in the match. Millionaires looks solid and already defends the result.

Min 67. Changes in Millionaires. Diego Herazo, Jader Valencia and Juan Camilo Garcia enter, Édgar Guerra, Daniel Ruiz and Juan Carlos Pereira leave.

Min 65. Shot by Juan David Pérez that Montero stops.

Min 60. America cheers up and takes possession of the ball. He is fully installed in Montero properties.

Min 53. Goooooooooal of Millionaires! Goal by David Macalister Silva. Withering right, from outside the area, and after hitting, surprises Novoa. The score becomes 2-1.

The second half is already played between blue and red.

4The game is over at Daytona! Millionaires 1-1 America.

Min 43. The game continues from you to you. Offensive actions of each side.

Min 36. Novoa was wrong! The goalkeeper gave it away at the start and Larry Vásquez looked for the second. Salvation!

Min 30. Goooooooooal of America! Goal by Marlon Torres! The scarlet ones responded with a great individual action from the center-back, who came from the left sector and defined as a ‘9’. He stung Montero and it was 1-1.

Min 25. But what a ball from Macalister Silva! Millonarios tried to widen the scoreboard as a Chilean and Diego Novoa responded by making a save.

Min 23. Another defensive neglect of the blues and the goal of America arrived for very little. The ball passed close to Álvaro Montero’s left post.

Min 21. Millionaires was saved! First Juan David Pérez, and then Deiner Quiñones, tried to tie. Juan Pablo Vargas took her off the line.

Min 17. The scarlet team was fully installed in Millonarios properties. Look for the tie.

Min 13. América tries to get rid of the pressure of the rival, who after the goal took on a greater role in the match.

Min 10. Goooooooooal of Millionaires! Goal by Luis Carlos Ruiz! Clear first arrival and the first arrived. Everything happened after a bad start by the Reds and a ball that Ruiz himself recovered. Ball from Juan Carlos Pereira to David Silva, who first enabled Ruiz. He slipped between two defenders and sent her to the bottom.

Min 8. Little by little, Millonarios reacts and tries to take charge of the match.

Min 5. America continues to handle the ball to Millonarios in his own field.

Min 2. First minutes of great intensity.

The game starts at Daytona!

protocol acts. The anthem of Colombia is sung

4:08 p.m. | Millionaires reported on their social networks that the match has a confirmed time. It will be at 5:40 pm local time (4:40 pm Colombia time).

“The game has been postponed until further notice due to an electrical storm alert,” Millonarios reported through its official account.

Millionaires and America face each other at the Daytona Soccer Fest, a match that was initially scheduled for 4:00 pm (Colombian time) and that for climatic reasons had to be delayed. New schedule to be confirmed.

Confirmed alignments in Millionaires and America

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Millionaires beat America in Daytona: relive the friendly classic