Miguel Mejía Barón makes his debut against Chivas as the new vice president of Pumas

Doctor Mejía Barón returned to the Olympic stadium, where he lived moments of glory with the feline squad

MEXICO — Miguel Mejía Barón was present at the Estadio Olímpico Universitario in his first game as sports vice president of the Pumas. The Doctor observed the warm-up of the university students on the court and minutes before the initial whistle of the duel against Chivas went up to the box of the directive.

“Game at home, living it differently”, highlighted the account of Twitter from Cougars, with an image of Mejia Baron with feline colors in the bench area.

After its official presentation on Wednesday, September 8, Mejia Baron said that they have to go calmly to resume the success that characterized the feline club in the past and that from the hand of Andres Lillini they were going to make it.

“I understand that anxiety, I imagine it, but I am sure that there is an analysis in the majority of the puma public and that they know that it does not change from one day to the next, that they need processes, that we need understanding on the part of that public, that they continue demanding, but that he understands that there are processes that are changing, “he said in his presentation.

In addition, the Doctor Mejía Barón He introduced himself to all the members of the campus and told them his vision and the activities that he will have. In addition, the technical body headed by Lillini is anxious to be with a figure of the caliber of Mejía Barón.

Sources close to ESPN Digital trusted that the Argentine helmsman is willing to learn from a man of the trajectory of the Doctor Mejía Barón. In addition, the group took its arrival in good shape, since “everyone knows what it represents,” a source entrusted to this portal.