Miguel Herrera: “People from the Mexican National Team told me that I will always be a candidate”

The technician Michael Herrera revealed that “people from the Mexican National Team” told him that his name will always be a “common denominator” on the table among candidates to lead the national team, however, he clarified that his idea is not currently in the team, because “there is a coach ” in office and a World Cup in sight in Qatar.

“The people of Mexican team He told me ‘since you came out of the selection, your name will always be a common denominator at the table, you will always be with the candidates’. I have heard a lot that Gerardo Martino leaves when the World Cup is over. Of course (he would like the position). I reiterate, the results didn’t take me out of the national team either.”

“You have to land ideas well and my idea is not in the Mexican team. There is a coach, a World Cup to play and think about that great satisfaction of reaching the quarterfinals, in that fifth game and thinking further. Afterwards, the president of the federation will have the problem”, he expressed in an exclusive interview for ESPN.

Despite the above, the express question about their aspirations for the World Cup 2026which will be carried out jointly between the United States, Mexico and Canada, Michael Herrera recognized that he would like to be on the bench of the Mexican team “disputing a World Cup” in his country, with the shield he loves the most and “representing it with great dignity”.

According to the Mexican team that will dispute qatar 2022 , Michael Herrera expects the “click” between players and Gerardo Martinobecause “there is a great team, with kids who can ‘kill’ each other on the field to achieve it.”

“At the beginning that integration was very cool, a year and a half that excited everyone, and then I don’t know what happened. Results began that we don’t like, more victories than defeats, but very important defeats, which hurt. That’s why the doubts come “.

It is not the best moment for Raúl Jiménez

In the round of completing sentences and ideas, Michael Herrera expressed that it is not the best time to take Raul Jimenez to Qatar 2022, as the striker is not fully fit due to a pubalgia from which he is recovering, and considers it a mistake to leave the Feyenoord striker out Santiago Gimenezcurrent scorer in the Europa League despite the fact that he records few minutes on the pitch.

“I would not leave anyone out, I would leave all four of them,” he said. Michael Herrera about the decision of Gerardo Martino for only taking three forward centers and that will leave out Raúl Jiménez, Henry Martín, Rogelio Funes Mori or Santiago Giménez.

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Miguel Herrera: “People from the Mexican National Team told me that I will always be a candidate”