Miguel Herrera assures the MLS is already light years away from Liga MX

Miguel Herrera gave his opinion about the Leagues Cup and the next playoff match that the Tigres will play against Necaxa.

The technician of Tigers, Miguel Herrera, He said that it is positive that tournaments like the League Cupbut considered that the mls is already light years away from MX Leagueand although in sports Mexico still has superiority, soccer in the United States is already looking to compete with Spain and other European countries.

“I think it’s a totally serious mistake, that we want to compete with the mls, and MLS does not compete with us. At the league level he is already light years away from us, he already wants to beat Italy, Spain and England, does not even turn to see the Mexican league. On the court it seems to me that we still compete and win several of the matches.

“In addition, they have 30 teams and we have 18, they go two for one to win a tournament, I repeat, that they outnumber. It’s good that tournaments like this can be held. Some teams will take it as their preseason, some that have no chance of going to USA to do preseason because they are not invited or do not have that power of convocation, well they will go; others will go with the responsibility of keeping the Mexican league at the field level above the teams of the mls”, he indicated.

Michael Herrera highlighted the economic power of mls and recalled that American clubs make millionaire investments to strengthen each season.

“In leagues there is no longer competition, those of us who continue to think that we are competing are us or the media, but light years ago they left us. They already go and buy a player from Argentina for 20 or 25 million dollars, they go and bring players from Europe, they only have three or four franchise players.

“A franchise in the league there costs 100 million dollars, and in Mexico I think there will be six teams that are worth that, the rest are not. It is the reality, and when a league achieves that, it is at another level. those of the mls they are thinking of competing with the Europeans,” he added.

Miguel Herrera will look for a perfect match against Necaxa

Michael Herrera He also spoke about the playoff match they will have this Saturday against Necaxa in the University Stadium, and in their opinion, they will have to play a practically perfect game if they want to advance to the quarterfinals.

He recalled that in the regular phase, the match against Rayos was complicated, but that they have already analyzed the rival, they know the virtues they have and their team is ready to face this commitment.

On whether you think your position could be at risk if tigers loses in the reclassification, he said that he always feels safe where he is, but that this is only the decision of the directors.

“I always feel sure of where I am, I work to get things done and it’s not easy to make a 30-point tournament. That is already the decision of the directors and I always work so that things happen, with America I did 11 tournaments, and in 10, the least I did was semi-finals and finals, in the first quarter-final tournament they kicked me out and I scored 34 points.

“That is already how the manager likes it, if he likes you or has the idea that what you do, I do not work so that it goes badly for me or that the players do not score points and run me. Of course I think about winning and doing my best, but even winning and champion in the national team they took me away, so that doesn’t guarantee anything, that’s football, “he concluded.

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Miguel Herrera assures the MLS is already light years away from Liga MX