Michelle Montero accuses mistreatment at Cruz Azul, the club considers that she was only required like all players

The Costa Rican spoke about her experience within the club and the reasons for her departure from Cruz Azul.

The Costa Rican striker Michelle Monteroterminated contract with Blue Cross because she felt ‘mistreated’ in the team, she told ESPN the player herself.

Michelle Monterowho reached the women’s squad of the First Division of the Blue Cross in mid-2021, he terminated his contract with the board after complaining of ‘mistreatment’ by members of the coaching staff he heads Roberto Perez Loarca.

“I started having problems because the coaching staff of Blue Cross He approached me and said: ‘Mich’, if it were up to us, you wouldn’t be here’. One as a player feels bad, because she is not used to being told that by the coaching staff. I feel like, personally, it’s unprofessional for a person to say that to you. In other words, if something bothers you, then tell me, what do I need on the court, what do I have to improve”.

“The next game they didn’t give me a single minute, well that’s fine. Logically I was down and then they took me out of training. I made a not bad gesture to them; in fact, the psychologist was there and told me that it wasn’t for So I went to human resources and told them that I didn’t like how they were treating me, that I was really tired. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a foreigner, if they’re very nationalistic, but that I was very tired of this, that they were treating me badly.

She added: “I came to the national team with my country, I was happy, I played 90 minutes in the first game and 30 in the second, it went very well for us and we qualified for the World Cup. Then I asked Don Roberto, because logically they had three days for the theme of FIFA date and I didn’t have any days off, what were the chances that I could delay my arrival?

He noted that the technician Roberto Perez asked him to report immediately on orders from the manager Emmanuel Gonzalez“but then one of the classmates sent me a message: ‘Mich’, the teacher spoke in front of everyone, he said that he is very upset with you because you asked for a day off and because you went to human resources and accused him of sexual harassment.” It is a very serious issue, because I have never accused him of sexual harassment.”

In this sense, he maintained that the idea was to ‘leave her in the wrong’, but that he has the proof of what he says, because he has everything recorded, since it is a way of defending himself.

“I called the human resources person. I told him what was happening, why Roberto was saying that. Then they found out that I didn’t speak with the resources person, but with the engineer Emanuel (González), but he tells me: ‘I flatly deny that I’ve talked to you about some Roberto issue, about some sexual harassment issue.’ They just wanted to kick me out. That’s all.”

Michelle Montero stated: “I feel aware that I was doing things well. Regarding indiscipline, I think they have nothing to talk about on that subject, because I was always there, I always arrived on time. I don’t know if it bothered them, but finishing the training I would grab my things and leave. I’ve always been like this, since I was 15 years old when I debuted in the First Division, it’s my way of being. Even Roberto scolded me because I didn’t look him in the eye, but I can’t see the eyes at someone when they’re talking, because it makes me uncomfortable, I feel strange, but that’s just me.

She also said that once she was scolded for wearing her country’s shirt to the club: “They told me that it wasn’t possible. I faced them with respect and told them: ‘I agree that I cannot wear the shirt of Americaor of Queretarobecause they are clubs, but we are talking that it is my country, that it is the shirt with which I debuted in the Costa Rican national team elder”.

He recalled that in addition to Costa Ricaplayed in Israel“where I was four months, if I returned it was not because of instability, it was because of the issue of the attacks between Palestine and Israel. For me it was something super difficult and I do not want to live again. Mexico“.

The Costa Rican player explained: “It’s not the club; I’m in love with the club, but I’m going to talk to you about the team, and that’s where I haven’t felt comfortable, where I haven’t really felt good, nor have I enjoyed soccer.”

It is worth mentioning that ESPN went to the Cruz Azul board of directors to find out their opinion on this case and the answer was obtained that, if there were scoldings towards the forward, it was due to a demanding situation, not mistreatment, and that it was demanded in the same way as It is done with all the players of the team.

Michelle Montero ended her relationship with Cruz Azul in March

Michelle Montero She is the first foreigner in the history of the women’s team of the Blue Cross and the ‘tica’ was gradually raising its level as a cement factory in Mexican soccer. Born in San José, Costa Rica, on August 29, 1994, she gradually gained the trust of Robert Perez Loarcasince he can participate as a midfielder, or as a nominal ‘9’.

Michelle Francini Montero Venegas27, debuted with Blue Cross on August 7, 2021 against Cougars and in the Opening Tournament that year he ended up playing 13 games, three of them started, for a total of 345 minutes and three goals.

The statistics of Michelle Montero in the current championship, they registered 10 games out of 16 possible, seven of them as starters, for a total of 553 minutes and one score.

Montero’s last match with the Celeste Machine was on Matchday 12, in the defeat at home against Pachuca by a score of 0-2, on March 21. His last six games were played as a starter.

The player today is in Costa Rica with his family, while getting a new club.

ESPN was able to learn from sources Blue Crosswhat Michelle Montero would have denounced serious and other issues in human resources. However, this could not be fully confirmed.

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Michelle Montero accuses mistreatment at Cruz Azul, the club considers that she was only required like all players