Mexico reiterates: Qatar is close, the Fifth Game, further away

LOS ANGELES – True: Honduras goes through the deep and hard. True: as Canada evolves, the catrachos not only stagnate, they recede. But, it is also true that at least, for a few minutes, Mexico approached its best possible version, which reinstates it as the absolute leader of the Concacaf Octagonal Final.

3-0 over Honduras. And that selection was not stupid, thanks to Buba López. Once again, the Catracho goalkeeper confirmed that his impressive agility and reflexes, plus that amasiato with the goddess fortune and the posts, prevented a major cataclysm.

Be careful: Mexico started as a Tri-fón, it became a refreshing breeze, although it did end again with a persistent insistence on the Honduran goal.

And be careful: once again, Mexico went from those electrifying beginnings, to a dull clatter, which became regrettable, when the expulsion of Maynor Figueroa at 49 ‘gave Tri to destroy the adversary.

That is to say: Mexico sent a valid message that it will be able to visa its passport bound for Qatar 2022, but, until today, it still does not show hierarchy, nor football weight to be, again, something more than a group stage animator and possibly second round.

Yes, with its best football manifestations in the area, the Mexican team confirms that the Eden of the Fifth Match is far from its World Cup cartography, and that it should be seen as a Utopia, for which Martino does not have a compass, nor in his hands, or the feet, heads and hearts of their players.

Qatar is close, then, but the Fifth Match is still part of a galaxy to which with this Argentine navigator of uncertain minutes in the same match, and with the cabin boys in charge, some of them medium hair, it will be difficult to find the route.

But, in the tie, there are still complicated customs to overcome. El Salvador awaits him immediately, with that fickle performance, but with that profanely presidential decree, of “we will not go to the World Cup, but we will beat Mexico.”

This Sunday, beyond some isolated eruptions of #ElGrito, which did not even force to resort to the first step of the protocol, the fans lived a party, which could reach the scandal except for the circus, vibrant and powerful performance of Buba López .

The adversary: ​​a disappointment. The parameters of Honduras were below their predecessors. Below in testosterone, in soccer quality, in intensity, in commitment, and in a clear tactical idea of ​​attempting a feat.

Fabián Coito, from the outset, put a handbrake on them. It seemed that his players were eager for a feat and he castrated their illusions. Surely the Uruguayan coach does not understand, and perhaps never will, the eager gallantry of the catrachos in this type of game.



Mexico leads the tie, the United States, Panama and Canada are on their way to Qatar; experts comment.

Mexico, in those three versions offered this Sunday, neither put an end to the doubts or the debts. An overwhelming first half, which bears fruit in a goal of the pure personality of Sebastián Córdova. Then a long period of conformism and passivity, and the explosion with goals at ’76 (Funes Mori) and ’86 (Chucky Lozano), when Honduras’s lungs, muscles and pride were shattered.

Worryingly, El Tri lowered its level after that advantage, and even when it had one more man, it lost itself in conformism, disorder, parsimony, and forgave the adversary, in a chaos in which the same referee Ismail participated. Elfath, who forgave at least two more reds, one per team, daring only to sentence Maynor Figueroa a red.

Concacaf’s suspicious stinginess remains inexcusable. Invoices 100 million dollars in a Gold Cup year, and 50 million dollars in a year without that tournament. Are you not in the financial, logistical, mental, intellectual conditions to organize a strategy that allows the VAR to be implemented in the qualifiers?

Faced with the obvious apathy, before the regrettable disorder of his team, it was until the 66th minute that Gerardo Martino decided to make changes. And they work for him, but beware, not because of an exultant display of his ability, not because of his tactical brilliance, and not because of a reflection of his strategic intelligence.

The changes were logical, forced, so necessary that they were evident to anyone, even to the wise coaching staff of El Tri, and those modifications impacted the game due to the urgency of showing themselves from those who entered, and because they were fused, surrendered, self-sacrificing and resigned. , the Honduran team, whom El Buba avoided doing the great fool of the day.

The national team, its fans and its fans are excited: Mexico is heading for Qatar, but without a captain or sailors to reach the shores of the Fifth Game.