Mexico, much that transpires, little that inspires: 1-1 with Canada

LOS ANGELES – Push, Drag, Snort, Press, Over. But everything is muscle, everything is inertia, everything is brute force, There is little talent (as in the 1-0 of Jorge Sanchez), little idea, little sense, little strategic formula. Because, Mexico he rescues, amid boos, a result that arithmetically enriches, but in football terms, he summons doubts and debts.

1-1 with Canada. A draw, at home, that reeks of that unmistakable stench of failure, especially since the Trinca de Ensueño (Tecatito Corona, Raul Jimenez and Hirving lozano), remains a myth, a feverish fantasy of some clueless.

A Tricolor of much perspiration and little inspiration. The blackboard of Gerardo Martino still blank. Just a moment of its alleged vertical dynamics, in that 1-0, taking advantage of the silly mark of Canada. From there, on the outside, the national team plays on impulse, like epileptic kicking.

Mexico shares the leadership of Octagonal Final of the Concacaf, with eight points, which he had briefly usurped USA (2-0 to Jamaica), but that did not stifle neither the whistles, nor the boos, nor the pulverized appearance in small groups of #ElGrito that enervates FIFA already Concacaf. True, technically, USA, by scoring, he is in command.

Do youCanada? He did his thing and he did it well. True: he was forgiven a penalty and a red card, but twice demanded that the experienced muscles of Guillermo Ochoa will rescue the Tri.

On the other hand, the two goals of the first half are an impeccable diagnosis of the Mexican team. They describe her in full. Unequivocally.

Mexico take advantage under the enjoyment of Gerardo Martino. Speed, mobility, clarity and, of course, forcefulness. It was a swallow without a summer. If it were not for the solvency in the execution, it would enter the classification of fluke.

The breakout from the bottom of Cesar Montes to the orbit of Jesus gallardo; Delivery Chucky lozano, who with the decomposed figure, recomposes the cyclonic arrival of the much questioned Jorge Sanchez, who with amazing neatness, controls and defines his left leg. 1-0, to ’21.

Response from Canada it occurs within the same intent map of the entire first half. Only, this time, the midfielders fell back to pile on their defenses. Alphonso davies had time to choose, and found the irruption of Jonathan Osorio in the area, who does not forgive and crucify Ochoa.

Yes one Mexican team that only for a few moments felt comfortable and shameless going to the front, but also with numerous problems in the background, victim of a lack of coordination in the coverage and in the anticipations, without the experience of Andrew Saved and Hector Herrera will help in the trumpeted work of Edson Alvarez with the players in the background.

And of course, the distaste that causes migraines to FMF already Yon de Luisa. The cloistered fled the throats and common sense of the Mexican fans. #El Grito regurgitated in the grandstand at minute 56, forcing the Salvadoran referee Ismael Cornejo to stop the game and summon the players in the center of the court. The whistler invokes the first step of the protocol.

With that moment, it is enough for the FIFA can open a new file. It will depend on the ability of Yon de Luisa before the game commissioner.

With the nervous tribune, with his team without regaining order in the game, even if he has the ball and the space, Gerardo Martino look for those very misplaced mechanisms of speed and surprise. The Tata commission to 71 ‘a Uriel antuna by the inconsistent Tecatito Corona, While Charly rodriguez replace an exhausted Andrew Saved, no longer able to dial a second-line support referral.

The changes help little. The explosiveness of Uriel antuna, that before the pubescent of the Pre-Olympic, or the arthritic of the friendly matches, in adult matches, disappears in every sense.

Mexico it closed even more precipitously, charging out of inertia, just because there was nothing more to do with the ball than to drag it forward on pure instinct. Confirmed, the team plays with more intentions than wisdom.

The first coach to enjoy three tours of Europe, Gerardo Martino, not being able to capture an identifiable idea to play soccer, if there is one clearly, within the Mexican team.

Now, Mexico will receive Honduras, urged to recover steps in the Octagonal Final, and then travel to lock up in Cuscatlán with The Savior.