Mexico loses Jorge Sánchez and César Montes to El Salvador; Henry Martín in doubt

The Mexican team will have at least two losses in defense, and the absence of Henry Martín in the attack could be added due to an ailment

Jorge Sánchez and César Montes will be low of the Mexican team for the game against The Savior, while Henry Martin is in doubt. The side of América could not travel because he has ailments and the defender of Rayados cannot participate in that commitment of play off, because he accumulates two yellow cards.

“In Jorge’s case, he is practically ruled out for the game against The Savior and if the game is consummated, he will not make the trip. In the case of César, who will not be able to play, he will not make the trip ”, commented Gerardo Tata Martino, coach of the Mexican team.

Jorge Sanchez had a good performance against Canada, having to mark Alphonso Devies. Against Honduras he had no activity, because he is injured and in the Tricolor’s medical staff they prefer to take care of the soccer player.

In the case of Cesar Montes, the central defender played both games of the tie, against Canada and Honduras, and in both he was booked, so he will not travel, because after two consecutive yellow cards he is sanctioned with a suspension game.

For its part, Henry Martin, América forward, has not been able to participate due to reporting ailments. In the Mexican team They have had some revisions, but no serious injuries are reported, so they expect him to be one hundred percent for the trip to The Savior.

“Henry, in the days before Canada, felt a heaviness in his right leg, so from then on he worked differently. Studies were carried out, it is not serious, but we do not want to expose a footballer to a major injury. That’s why he was left out, ”said Gerardo Martino.