Mexico close to a friendly against Uruguay ahead of Qatar 2022

Mexico will hold a friendly against the South American team in preparation for the next World Cup

MEXICO.- A friendly confrontation is cooking between Mexico and UruguayFacing the World Cup Qatar 2022according to statements made this Monday by the president of the Uruguayan Association soccer, Ignacio Alonso Labatto a radio station.

Ignatius Alonso Labat spoke for the show To Fund of the radio 1010 AM and said that the efforts to agree on preparation matches against national representatives of the Concacafamong them Mexicodirected by the Argentine Gerardo ‘Tata’ Martino.

added Ignacio Alonso Labat that “the idea is to have two games against rivals from North America” ​​and mentioned Mexico and the United States as the probable rivals to be measured at the end of May and beginning of June.

Said Alonso Labat that “the steps are advanced to have some games in North America”, although he did not express more about it, only his liking that it is about teams (Mexico and United States) who will be in the next World Cup.

The Charrúa leader stated that Uruguay will look for a third synodal, in addition to saying that he would like the national representative that he directs diego alonso is measured against selections of Europe and of Asiaalthough he gave signs of doubts due to the activity that the European teams have, in addition to pointing out that it also depends on what happens with the war between Ukraine and Russia. Uruguay integrates group H in Qatar 2022, alongside Portugal, South Korea and Ghana.

After the World Cup draw and knowing that at the Mexico national team you will have to open your participation in Qatar 2022 in view of Poland and then measured at Argentina and as the third opponent Saudi Arabiathe Mexican Soccer Federation has not revealed the name of rivals to face in the following months prior to the World Cup.

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Mexico close to a friendly against Uruguay ahead of Qatar 2022