Mexico ‘ages’ on the way to Qatar 2022: it is the team with the highest average age of the Octagonal

The 29-year-old Mexican National Team is the oldest on average of the eight participants in the World Cup qualifying; United States the youngest at 23.9 years

The Mexican team from Tata martino fell for the third time in the year before USA. The first two clashes defined a title, Gold Cup and Nations League, and the third meant losing the undefeated and the leadership of the World Cup qualifying for the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

The loss at Cincinnati can take a more dramatic approach when viewed from the point of view of the age of the footballers. Mexico fell with the oldest average team in the Octagonal final of the Concacaf, the experience in Mexican team and in teams it was not enough to beat the USA.

Martino predicted it from his presentation as coach of Mexico: “Generational changes are not made at a stroke, it is little by little. Today I aspire to have all the available players and I am not going to close myself to the arrival of any,” said the Argentine coach in January 2019.

More than two years have passed and the Mexican team has an average age of 29 years, taking into account the last call and the ages registered in the database of Transfermarkt, although the alignment before USA It was slightly shorter, 28.9 years, compared to 23.6 years of the team of Gregg Berhalter, the youngest selection of Concacaf looking for the ticket to Qatar 2022, according to data from Statiskicks.

Generational change is a process that has not yet materialized in Mexico. In the last call for matches against the United States and Canada there are 10 players with World Cup experience, but although they are just under half, elements such as Rogelio Funes Mori, Luis Rodríguez, Julio César Domínguez and Rodolfo Cota, are over 30 years old and not they have attended a soccer world cup.

Alfredo Talavera with 39 years is the oldest footballer in the current squad, followed by Guillermo Ochoa and Andrés Guarded with 36 years.

The youngest is Gilberto Sepúlveda, 22 years old, although he arrived at the call before the loss due to injury of César Montes.

Martino He only called Johan Vásquez, Roberto Alvarado, Jorge Sánchez, Carlos Rodríguez and Sebastián Córdova from the bronze medalists in Tokyo 2020. In addition to the reinforcements Luis Romo, Henry Martín and Guillermo Ochoa, who are usual in the process of the Tata.

Conversely, USA It has almost half of its squad (10 players) under the age of 21, including Ricardo Pepi and Yunus Musah, both 18 years old.

Martino and Mexico are still in second place in the World Cup qualifier Concacaf, although to reach Qatar 2022 They would do it with a team that lacks the generational change, if the Argentine coach does not change his route.

Average Age Octagonal Concacaf Picks

203 Mexico 29 years

1038 Jamaica 28.8 years

214 Costa Rica 28.7 years

2659 Panama 28 years

215 Honduras 27.7 years

206 Canada 27 years

2650 El Salvador 25.8 years

660 USA 23.9 years


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Mexico ‘ages’ on the way to Qatar 2022: it is the team with the highest average age of the Octagonal