Messi’s good deal for PSG: 700 million thanks to Leo

Chen Leo Messi called PSG, the same summer day that Joan Laporta I left him lying in the famous meeting in which Bara’s president backed down and broke the renewal agreement, in the offices of the Gallic club in the Mila Zola avenue in Boulogne They asked for a little time. In the accounts there was no longer room for Leo and his file, which this first season has been 40 million euros net, and a little time was requested because the operation had to be studied.

PSG took the step and signed Messi. In the accounts of the leaders, it was calculated that Leo’s arrival would bring in enough income from image rights, marketing and operation of the stadium, enough not to alter the accounts. And so it has been, as commented Nasser al Khelaifi in BRAND. PSG have never generated so much revenue in one season. The first year of Leo translates into 700 million in that sense. The objective now with the renewal of Mbapp, who shares image rights with the club, is to further improve income for all these concepts.

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More and better contracts with sponsors

The truth is that Leo’s arrival brought ten new sponsorship contracts and, as the director of this area of ​​the club also commented, Mark Armstrong, In addition to the power of attraction, the agreements were higher than without Leo: “We have certainly seen growth in areas where we can reach agreements of between 3 to 5 million and now they are between 5 and 8, so the impact is considerable” .

Indeed, it is estimated that revenues from this concept have grown by 13% and brands such as Dior, Gorillas,, Autohero, GOAT, Smart Good Things, Infinity Sports Water, Geekvape, PlayBetR, Volt or Big Cola. When it comes to cryptocurrencies, now in low hours due to the Ukraine war, the value of PSG’s coin doubled when it was learned that they signed Messi, who collects part of his land in fantoken: “We were closing a deal with a cryptocurrency before signing Messi and in the following weeks the price skyrocketed because people showed more interest in jumping on the boat,” Armstrong said. The club has exceeded 300 million revenues for this concept for the first time in its history this season.

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The sale of t-shirts, another record

Another area where PSG has grown exponentially with the arrival of Messi is in the sale of shirts.The club has already entered another dimension with the arrival of Neymar and the growth of Mbapp, but Leo has been crazy in the words of the club itself. Another important fact, the arrival of Lionel Messi to PSG. The Argentine allowed the club to reach the turnover of the 20-21 season in merchandising in the middle of the campaign (41 million euros). More than a million T-shirts were sold for the first time, 60% of which with the number 30 of La Pulga, until becoming, with United, the club that sold the most shirts in the world last season, thanks in part to its agreement with the jordan brand. In its first three hours on sale, Messi shirts were sold for an amount of 933,000 euros. With the arrival of Messi, the club has moved its official store in the Champs-Élysées to double its surface and increase its income also in lifestyle products.

“Demand has grown between 30 and 40% and really what can stop it is the offer. When a transfer of this magnitude occurs, Ronaldo to United for example, you may think that they are going to pay him selling t-shirts, but that is not the case. You can’t produce a lot of extra t-shirts. The agreement is set to guarantee very important minimums but we cannot meet the demand for Messi jerseys. We have reached the ceiling. No one can meet that demand. We are already selling a lot of jerseys, perhaps more than any other team in the world for one player, and that puts us at the next level. We have a lot of demand for lifestyle products, the revenue with the Jordan brand is huge, but the demand grows even more when you sign a player like Messi.” Armstrong commented for MARK.

The impact of Messi in networks

The arrival of Messi also had a huge impact on the club’s social networks as soon as his arrival was known. He gained 15 million followers across all his platforms and broke the 150 million barrier for the first time. “We earn an average of 1.4 million per week and we were the first club to reach 10 and 20 million followers on TikTok or the most important French brand on Instagram,” adds Armstrong. On this social network, PSG went from 38.5 million followers to 60.9 million. currently has, that is, almost double since the arrival of the Argentine.

Stadium revenue skyrockets

The arrival of Messi has also meant a significant increase in ticket revenue. The club has increased its waiting list since Messi’s arrival and legal resale, through a platform controlled by the club itself on its website, has skyrocketed. “There are no more tickets in each gamewith a record income among European clubs by location, with eight times the number of fans who are left without tickets or VIPs, so it is clear that it has been a turning point”, commented the director of sponsorship of the club .

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Messi’s good deal for PSG: 700 million thanks to Leo