Messi, you’re going in … Do what you know!

When was the last time Messi had a bad season? The answer is as simple as it is surprising: never.

Since he overcame it 30 years – four ago – there is talk of a supposed “decadence” that only lives in the minds of Leo’s detractors, because even in the lowest years of Barcelona in which he was humiliated in the Champions League, the goalscoring and assists records of the Argentine did not diminish, let alone the most important thing, their performance on the court.

Messi still has not reached the fall of the curve and it remains at the top season after season, as it is enough to say that he left LaLiga after obtaining eight scoring titles, five of them consecutively in recent years. And without being a center forward.

For this reason, the version that can be expected of Messi at Paris Saint-Germain is none other than that of ‘alien‘, there is no more, since we are before a footballer who accustomed the world to superlative performances practically every weekend or every three days.

Perhaps it will not be from the first game because a series of factors influence such as adaptation, understanding with his new teammates, that he is physically getting ready, that he has not played for 45 days, and that the environment is totally different from the one he dominated. in Barcelona. Another system, another technical, another League.

But it is football and it is Messi. And even with the departure of Kylian Mbappé, this team is called to amaze with the ’30’ and ’10’ as the main protagonists. They know each other perfectly and the result of their understanding and partnership is in the historical records of football books. Together with Luis Suárez they got tired of scoring goals.

Leo will benefit from the fact that he will not have the mission of being the hero of PSG game after game as happened in Barcelona, ​​because if there is something left over in his new club, they are decisive figures and footballers in all lines. Of course you are called to be the differentiator, but it is not something you are not used to.

Ligue 1 will have to return to the hands of the Parisians this season after they were snatched by Lille in the past, but it is well known that the great challenge is called the Champions League.

And PSG has been prowling the coveted ‘Orejona’ for two years, with a Final and a Semifinal, and this campaign the team joins forces with the hunger of Messi, who at Barça saw the possibility of raising the highest trophy at a distant level. of clubs. Leo is the missing piece.

This Sunday at the home of Reims, a historic team that reigned in France during the 50s, the new number ’30’ of PSG is presented amidst great world expectations that has caused a record of request for accreditations, and the little more of 20 thousand seats have been sold for two weeks.

It is the ‘Messi effect’ and no other footballer in the world causes it. This August 29, 2021 is a historic day, the day when the best footballer in the world for more than a decade will defend for the first time a shirt other than Barça.

Messi, you’re going in … Do what you know!