Messi unleashes the madness for his debut at PSG … Sold out tickets and credited record

The possible debut of Lionel Messi at Paris Saint-Germain next Sunday as a visitor against Reims has generated great excitement to the extent that there are no longer tickets for the match, as there is a record demand for media accreditations from all over the world. the world.

After 45 days inactive after winning the Copa América with Argentina, and his unexpected departure from Barcelona, ​​Leo is about to return to the courts and debut with the PSG shirt, so his rival in turn, Reims, announced that the 20,546 available tickets were sold out 10 days ago.

Alexandre Jeannin, responsible for the sale of Reims tickets, reported that the tickets began to be sold since the departure of ‘La Pulga’ from Barça was announced and that it would be the stellar reinforcement of the Parisian team.

“The weekend before Messi’s officialization we sold as many tickets (6,000) in four days as in three weeks.

“For matches against Paris Saint-Germain or Marseille we usually sell out the tickets in the same week of the match, but this time it was different,” Jeannin told ‘L’Equipe.

Fans from Chile, South Korea, Thailand, India or Egypt have purchased tickets for the match in which the debut of ‘La Pulga’ is expected.

Despite the fact that coach Mauricio Pochettino has not stated that Messi’s presentation is a fact next Sunday in the match of Day 4 of Ligue 1, it is expected that with Mauro Icardi’s loss due to injury, and After almost three weeks of training, both the Argentine and Neymar are in the squad.

On the other hand, the demand for accreditations of journalists for the match is a record in France, after more than 120 communicators have requested to cover Messi’s debut, many of them foreigners, with Argentina as the main interested party.

“The record for journalists for a Reims game was reached on March 2, 2013. (David) Beckham was playing his third game for PSG and there was also (Zlatan) Ibrahimovic. That day there were 113 total with the photographers included, ”said Alexandre Audabram, from the Press Union of the Union of Sports Journalists of France (UJSF).

After spending the weekend in Barcelona, ​​Messi returned to PSG training for the match that could mark his presentation with the club and which will be a historic date as he is the second team he defends in his career.