Messi Monumental

The party couldn’t be more perfect. Nothing is missing, nothing. There are all the guests at the celestial banquet, with that magical America’s Cup that Lionel messi offered to the faithful. There are celebrations from start to finish. There are songs, ovations and a necessary victory but that, at times, was in the background. The Monumental seemed to be a continuation of the Maracana. Two months later, the Selection continues on tour and raved in Núñez, with the people. That public that gave the finishing touch to Messi’s new record, because it would not have been the same to beat Pelé without those angry shouts of three goals, those that each of the more than 20,000 spectators had saved for more than a year and a half, when was the last time they could go to the basketball court.

Look at Messi’s hat-trick:

Argentina heads towards Qatar and reduces the distance of 13,306 kilometers that separate Buenos Aires from Doha. And it does so in an almost ideal plane. There are almost no controversies, everything is peace and love, and this, if it is about the National Team, is not common. That is why Messi is enjoying himself to the full, after so many pale faces. Because he understands that construction continues, that the team must continue to grow if it dreams of having a leading role in 2022. So, El Diez gives one fantasy after the other to make it clear that he will win a new Ballon d’Or, which is still on the throne. And the champion’s patch is touched. A perfect story.

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Bolivia seemed like a guest at someone else’s party. And the visitor tried to show that a match was being played for the points by putting a strong leg, betting to intimidate Argentina in each of the divided games. While the public took time to pay tribute to Maradona, chant the name of Scaloni as almost did not happen with any DT in this century, remembering the English and “from the shitty rain does not want to stop, the brazucas who do not stop crying”, the Selection took his style for a walk. In an uneven PT, with points of excellence in Messi, in Paredes recovering high and in Di María passing rivals like cones, although in the must were the excesses of confidence that scared the debutant Juan Musso, because Argentina tried to go out playing almost from the small area and that Lautaro was not fine. But the analysis is almost over when Messi decides to pay everyone’s entrance, with that pipe, with that great goal, with that Messi, Messi as a reverence.

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It was not the best match of the Scaloni cycle, but Argentina has a festival at times. The undefeated continues, the qualifying table is looked at without counting, the people, the one who returned to the stadium to encourage the National Team 825 days later, the one who returned to the Monumental four years later (and there are no longer claims of silences or anything ), start doing other accounts: see how much it costs to go to Qatar. Argentinity on the stick, but with a chinstrap, with social distance, to continue taking care of itself because the pandemic is not over yet. And in the middle of the dribbles, the greetings without kisses, the doctors invited by the AFA applauded in the audience, a game is played. At times the only thing that matters is that the match ends, that the victory is sealed and that the final party begins. When the night gets colder due to the rain and the wind, Messi warms it up with his stacks, his dribbles, makes another game and now, Pelé is already second, because on 10 he had saved this collection double. The script for the night was written by Thiago, Ciro and Mateo.

Scaloni does not care “neither the minute of silence for Brazil that is dead” nor the “Scaloneta the whore who gave birth to him”, he makes a serious face and enjoys inside. When the team seems asleep, he puts Joaquín Correa to wake him up, when Messi puts the second one he moves the bench to oxygenate, to the ovations of Fideo, Fideo, to think about the triple date of October, to give Nico González and Angelito Correa filming …

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With the 2-0, the night turns into a screaming of children and adolescents, of the Messi generation who gives him one compliment after the other. But Messi always wants more, always. He never comes out, plays every minute and also scores all the goals. So, do the third so that there are no doubts that so much waiting was worth it …

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It is the ideal closure (except for the drizzle). With the music of Jimena Barón, Luck ra and Los Totora, with DJ Fer Palacio, with the play of lights, with the people cheering each of the players, with Messi sharing his joy with everyone, outsiders and from inside, those who are and what are not, their current companions and what they could not crown after those tears of emotion that moved everyone. With the Olympic lap walking, with the America’s Cup in his hands, with the people singing “give him champion, give him champion”, with the fireworks. There is a video of the memory, applause, a plaque (which Chiqui Tapia delivered on the playing field), a kiss and photos of each of the members of the squad with the trophy, with the Monumental in pure ecstasy. Argentina and its most perfect night.

The other videos of the match: