Meet the mighty US couple at the Paralympic Games

Fans express their support and love for an athletic power couple who made it to Los Paralympic Games from Tokyo 2020.

Hunter Woodhall, a 22-year-old sprinter and two-time Paralympic medalist, who is dating the 20-year-old Olympic jumper from the team USATara Davis is currently in Tokyo where she is competing for gold.

However, the sprinter’s journey to Japan with Team USA it’s even more special as it comes after Davis also competed in the Paralympic Games earlier this summer, where she ranked sixth in the women’s long jump.

The athletic stars’ love story began at a track meet in Idaho four years ago, where Davis told Elle that she was interested in Woodhall at first sight.

“When I first saw it, I thought, ‘Oh my God! This boy is fine! I had to find out who it was, ”he recalled in July.

According to Woodhall, his first interaction consisted of Davis walking up to him and hugging him, with the Olympian telling him on the way out that he was impressed by the audacity of jumping so long.

After the instant connection, the couple decided to make a long-distance relationship work, as Woodhall lives in Arkansas and Davis lived in Texas.

Over the past four years, as the couple have worked towards their respective sporting goals, they have also worked together as a couple, with fans enthusiastically following their travels on social media, where they have more than 327,000 subscribers on YouTube and hundreds of thousands more on their respective Instagram pages.

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In June, when Davis posted a photo of her and Woodhall hugging and announced that they would both be heading to the Olympics this summer, more than 95,000 fans liked the post.

Since then, the couple, whose time in Tokyo did not overlap, have continued to inspire and delight their fans as they document their individual travels and support for each other.

“I cannot express how proud I am of you. Last year, Tara Davis was not ready to compete in the Olympics. Last year, Tara battled injuries, tough competition (when you could actually compete), mental health, and many other battles. Seeing what you did yesterday motivates me more than you think, ”Woodhall captioned a photo of him and Davis earlier this month after she competed in the Games. “You are my hero and I can’t wait for you to be home to celebrate an amazing season together.”

Davis has also candidly expressed her love for her boyfriend of four years, and the Olympian shared a photo of the couple on August 11, revealing that she already missed Woodhall after dropping him off at the airport.

As for what they hope fans will learn from their relationship, Woodhall, who was born with fibular hemimelia, a congenital disability and had both legs amputated, previously told Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s charity, Archewell, that he wants people to know that he and Davis are just “two normal people” who are following their dreams.

“I want people to know that we are just two normal people,” he said. “We bring a lot of diversity to our relationship and we want to be really transparent about it. Tara is a woman of color. I have a disability. We want people to know that whoever you are, whatever situation you find yourself in: it’s okay and that’s what makes you special and unique. Be proud of yourself and go chase your dream.

“We are living proof that if you put your mind to it and go to work, crazy and wild things can happen.”

Woodhall has been following and achieving his dreams since he was young, as the Paralympic athlete previously made history when he became the first double amputee to earn a Division I athletic scholarship upon being accepted to the University of Arkansas.

At the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio, Woodhall won the silver medal in the 200 meters and the bronze in the 400 meters. While in Tokyo, he will compete in the 400 and 100 meter races.

On the importance of having Davis’ support for the Tokyo Games, Woodhall told Elle that he doesn’t think he can do it without her, nor would he like to.

“Tara’s support means a lot to me. I don’t think I could do it without her, and I don’t think I would like to do it, ”he said. “We have both been through a lot, especially in our track races. It’s easier to get through things when we do it together. “

On social media, fans of the couple have continued to cheer for them as their Olympic journey continues.

In the comments below a photo of the couple embracing, which Woodhall captioned: “I can’t wait to get you back in my arms,” ​​one fan wrote: “We can’t wait either, but the first thing is to get that medal.”


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