Mavys Álvarez revealed the two favors that Diego Maradona asked Fidel Castro

Mavys Álvarez in the interview with América TeVé de Miami

During the years that he was living in Havana to treat his drug addiction, Diego Maradona had a violent courtship with Mavys Alvarez. The history, which was first revealed by Teleshow, it did not go unnoticed anywhere in the world. She was 16 when she was introduced to the player. Today the age difference and the disparity of power, possibilities and money put in context that it was an abusive relationship.

More than twenty years after the first meeting, Mavys broke the silence and gave an interview to Mario J. Pentón, news reporter America news of the chain America TeVé from Miami. In previous installments, the Cuban revealed how was his first meeting with the footballer, and deepened in that abusive relationship that led, among other things, to drug use and cosmetic surgery to modify your body, in pursuit of achieving a sexier image, without the authorizations, or the necessary care for a minor, or the accompaniment of responsible adults.

In the third installment, the Cuban referred to the relationship with Fidel Castro, whom he saw for the first time when the footballer asked him to accompany him to his tribute match, held on November 10, 2001 in the Bombonera. “The only way to travel was either with the permission of the parents being at least 18 years old, or through Fidel. He took me and we went with two objectives: one that would sell him a house in Havana or Varadero, and the other, that would allow me to travel to the tribute party, ”said the woman.

Meanwhile, the screen showed images documenting the meeting of Diego, Mavys, and Castro. At that point, the journalist asked him about a house that would be in the name of the star in Cuba. “I did not know the house, I thought that they had not given him the house because Diego wanted to buy it, he did not know about the existence of the house until now“; he claimed. And regarding her departure from Cuba to attend the match, Mavys pointed out that only her mother’s signature was enough and her father did not have to do it as well, although she was 17 years old. “Fidel gave his authorization and my father’s signature was not necessary”, He acknowledged.

Regarding the meeting with Castro, Mavys said: “We talked about everything. About how we met, although we did not tell him as specifically how we met, only in Varadero. We talked about my studies, what I planned to do in the future, what school I was in, what career I was planning to choose ”, the woman listed.

Mavys Álvarez and Mario J. Pentón
Mavys Álvarez and Mario J. Pentón

“I understand that Castro put his arm over you,” intervened the journalist. “Yeah, that was pretty funny,” Mavys admitted. “He (for Castro) puts his arm over me and tells him how he had met a pretty girl like me … Diego takes his arm away and says ‘well, going down, going down’, and Fidel starts laughing. And they began to speak of everything, of ball, of soccer, to exchange words of that ”, indicated.

Finally, the talk turned to political questions. “I have understood that Castro wanted Maradona to be a political leader of Argentina. Did you ever hear Diego talk about that? ”Asked Pentón. “He may have liked politics a bit, but I don’t really know much about it,” Mavys acknowledged.

Abusive relationship

Although the link between Mavys Álvarez and Diego Maradona began in Cuba when the woman was 16 years old, and determining whether or not there was corruption of minors would depend on the island’s laws in those years, she came to Argentina accompanying him. According to the laws of our country, When a person of legal age goes out with a minor, each case must be differentiated according to the age of the alleged victim. The criminal lawyer Raquel Hermida Legend, specialist in sexual crimes, explained to Teleshow what happens in each age group.

Under 13 years old. “Any type of sexual or groping relationship is considered abuse, it does not matter if the minor says ‘I want’: there is no consent in children under 13 years of age. It is a crime, and includes between six and 15 years in prison ”.

Minors between 13 and 16 years old. “In these cases, the relationship is called seduction abuse. There is a consent, but it is a flawed consent, somehow seduced. The woman does not have finished her self-esteem and the abuser convinces her saying she’s cute. The person is forming, and is self-doubtful, has low self-esteem, you do not have your consent. In addition, this abuse can have its aggravations, such as in cases where there is coexistence, bonding, care or care relationships. Generally, the victim does not consider himself a victim, it is likely that he agrees. The sentence is less than in the previous case”.

Minors between 16 and 18 years old. “The State continues to protect them in two fundamental crimes: corruption of minors and prostitution.”

At this point, Hermida Leyenda argues that these crimes would fit within the framework of the relationship between Mavys and Mardona. “This he exercised absolutely, because from his story it comes out that she interrupted her adolescence to enter a life that is not normal for a teenager. It is a crime that is well established, because there is money involved, support that he does to his family. With cocaine there is not only corruption but abuse, because she cannot consent drugged. Mavys says that Maradona did not want to take drugs alone, but her state of unconsciousness allowed him to do acts that, being conscious, she could say no “.

What does corruption of minors mean? “Disrupt the normal development of a minor or adolescent. Everything happened here because once she’s drugged, everything happened. Drugged, she cannot consent. And then he says that he approached him for the drug: I wasn’t in love, I was addicted”.

The lawyer also explains that in the event that “A healthy 17-year-old woman has a relationship with older men, if there is no money, drugs, or participation of third parties or compensation, it is not abuse”. Nevertheless, how many years separate the two (more than 20, in this case) could be an analyzable factor for Justice. When there is so much difference, the issue of power must be analyzed: It is rare for a 16-year-old woman to have sex with a 40 ″ man.

Although there is no money involved directly, but there are gifts, for example to the family, these would be “partners in crime”. In addition, Hermida Leyenda clarifies that, according to Mavys’ testimony, the relationship “does not begin as an abuse but as a matter of seduction, but there is always power, and that is called corruption of minors”.