Marvin has a plan

1626025877 Marvin has a plan

Fwas one of the surprises from last season at Real Madrid. He appeared in the first match of LaLiga in Anoeta and then he let himself be seen when Zinedine Zidane needed his speed and overflow. As long as the injuries were respected, He lived up to expectations, and showed character to be a full-fledged first white team player on a given day. We talk about Marvin Park, footballer of 21 years and what do i know trains under Carlo Ancelotti since the beginning of the season.

The Real Madrid has decided that the jewels of the quarry that were seen by the first team during the last campaign, continue in the discipline of Castilla de Ral Gonzlez In search of promotion to second division and prepared for the possibility of being called up for the first team at any time. Except for offers impossible to reject, Antonio Blanco, Miguel Gutirrez, Arribas and Marvin will continue in the dynamics of Valdebebas.

Marvin park changed his position on green in the first team, acting more of a lane and even on the wing and not on the winger, as he did in Castilla. The Today’s football is speed and power, as the Eurocup has shown, not so much the Copa America. Qualities, both, that the player who He arrived from Mallorca in the summer of 2016.

Marvin disputing a bal

Marvin playing a ball between Getafe players.

The data they handle in the sports department of the Real Madrid is that Marvin has speed and power like few players. Their appearances in speed leave behind any previous data and now they seek, and for that they work, so that those appearances are repeated and increase in intensity. They think that his ideal position is that of lane or lateral, from where he can do more damage than playing pure extreme.

Specific movements, enhancing certain areas of your physique to adapt it to your position, is part of the work that the madridista is doing during these days. Last season you saw dotted with some injuries, not all of them muscular, so this campaign has started looking for solutions and remedies (the oral and muscular state of some injured areas has been reviewed), but the conviction is that everything has been as a result of the effort and intensity used during the past campaign.

Marvin belongs to a group of players from the quarry that the club wants to have under control after what was shown last campaign. He was seen in four games in the first team, being decisive for the Castile enter the promotion phase and get the passport for the First RFEF.