Martino already defined his 11 against Ecuador: Chivas, León, and Cruz Azul in the attack

ESPN Digital was able to know the 11 with which El Tri will start against his counterpart from Ecuador; the attack will be made up by Roberto Alvarado and Santiago Giménez

MEXICO — Gerardo Martino began to do his tests to define the possible formation that will face the Ecuador selection in Charlotte, North Carolina, and the 11 that he will use this Wednesday was practically defined, which will be headed by players from Chivas, Lion and Blue Cross in the tricolor attack.

The Mexican team He struggled to have players available for his match at the Bank of America Stadium, because the clubs refused to lend their starters for the friendly against Ecuador.

Thus, at Tuesday morning practice at the Sportplex, a sports complex in Matthews, North Carolina, the Mexican team He worked on what will be his starting 11 and from this it could be deduced that the Cruzzulinos Roberto Alvarado and Santiago Giménez will lead the tricolor attack, while Rodolfo Cota will defend the goal, and his teammates in La Fiera, José David Ramírez and Osvaldo Rodríguez, will cover the right and left sides.

Also, it was seen in Tuesday’s training that the Argentine Gerardo Martino will use three Chivas elements at the start of the game.

Uriel antuna will accompany Alvarado and Giménez forward, in the containment will be Fernando Beltran and in the midfield, Ricardo Angulo.


Secondly, Haret ortega, former defender of America and today the undisputed titleholder in the Red Devils of Toluca, is another who seeks to ‘graduate’ with Gerardo Martino in the Mexican team and who will defend the central defense on this occasion, accompanied in the position by the Olympic Atlas player, Jesus Angulo.

In addition, Erick Lira he will be one of those chosen by the national coach to jump onto the field in midfield.

The defensive of the Cougars The lottery was also won amid the refusal of the Liga MX teams to lend El Tri players for a friendly, when the Mexican tournament begins to define the places for the final instances.

Rodolfo Cota (Lion), Jose David Ramirez (Lion), Haret ortega (Toluca), Jesus Angulo (Atlas), Osvaldo Rodriguez (Lion), Erick Lira (Pumas), Fernando Beltran (Chivas), Ricardo Angulo (Chivas), Uriel antuna (Chivas), Roberto Alvarado (Cruz Azul) and Santiago Gimenez (Cruz Azul) is the 11th that ESPN Digital was able to confirm, and with which El Tri will start against the South American team.


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Martino already defined his 11 against Ecuador: Chivas, León, and Cruz Azul in the attack