Marco Pablo Pappa returned to wear the colors of Guatemala and scored against Mexico

The Guatemalan soccer player played again at the Doroteo Guamuch Flores stadium and scored four goals

GUATEMALA CITY — Wearing the traditional number 16 on his shirt, the soccer player Marco Pablo Pappa He stepped on the grass of the Doroteo Guamuch Flores stadium again and did it in a big way with four annotations during the friendly game that was played this Thursday in commemoration of the CXII Anniversary of the Mexican Revolution.

Marco Pappa He was one of the members of the Guatemala team that was made up of former players and representatives of Fedefut such as: Ricardo Jerez Hidalgo, Eder Pérez, Iván Castillo, Elmer Ponciano, Rigoberto Gómez, Erick Miranda, Selvyn Ponciano, Walter Estrada, Pablo Rodríguez, Rodrigo Saravia , among others. All directed by Rubén García.

For his part, the representative of Mexico was directed by the strategists Luis Fernando Tena Y Raphael Loredo. Among the players who participated were: Carlos Kamiani, Agustín Herrera, Jorge Argumaniz, Yahir García, Salvador Reyes and members of the Mexican embassy.

The final result of the match was 5-1 in favor of Guatemala and the event was organized by the Consular Section of the Embassy of Mexico in Guatemala.

The Marco Pappa Show

The footballer who captured the spotlight of the game was Marco Pablo Pappa who scored four times. He opened the account in just seven minutes of play after a shot that hit the crossbar and headed in to contact the ball at the bottom of the goal for 1-0.

He extended the score by way of penalty after a foul on Elmer Ponciano. He executed the maximum penalty with his left leg to the right sector of the goal. The 3-0 of the duel was the work of Walter Estrada with a shot inside the area.

The fourth goal of the night was converted Marco Pappa again. He received the ball and before the rival goalkeeper came out, he hit the ball to make it 4-0.

In the second half of the game, Marco Pappa he was in charge of the fifth goal. He leaked down the right flank of the offense and with a cross shot at grass level he made it 5-0. Finally, in the last moments of the match, Mexico’s discount arrived.

“We had a good time, grateful for the invitation. Football is always enjoyed, one has the best time and especially on this field that has given me so many things, joys and difficult moments. Returning to the court is motivation to return to prepare and play professionally in January, where we seek to have that opportunity”, commented Marco Pappa at the end of the match.

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Marco Pablo Pappa returned to wear the colors of Guatemala and scored against Mexico