Marco Asensio: “I didn’t consider leaving Real Madrid…”

Marco Asensio gave an interview to Cadena SER’s ‘El Larguero’, in which he reviewed his season and that of the team and talked about many proper names: Benzema, Mbappé, Ramos, PSG, the main rival for LaLiga. .

Have you seen the goal repeated many times?

Yes, many times. One more bump. Very nice and very important, to continue increasing the distance with Sevilla.

Everybody says that you should try that more… It’s something you have in mind… isn’t it?

Yes, each game is different and there is not always an opportunity to shoot. You have to look for the position and look for it. The defenses also work to cover it up.

Ancelotti said that you are not in a good moment… Do you share it?

Let’s see, it’s true that after the Super Cup everything has been hectic… Injuries, trips… The other day the first half wasn’t all that good, but we improved in the second. The second is the path of the game this year. That is the way of the whole season.

Do you give options to Barcelona and Atlético or is the rival clearly Sevilla?

The truth is that they are far away in terms of points. Our main rival is Sevilla, which is the closest we have. We have to remain constant and stay away from all competitors.

“Our rival is Sevilla; Barça and Atlético are far away…”

What happened in the Cup? Did you notice the physical against Athletic?

It is a complicated field. The Cup is special for them, it was difficult for us to get into the game, but in the second half we took a step forward and when we were in the best moment, the goal came… a jug of cold water… , but well, like this it’s football. I think the circumstances were not the best to face the match. We have two very nice competitions left and we want to go for them

Benzema was not there. Is he irreplaceable in this Real Madrid?

Benzema is a very important player for us. We notice a lot when he is on the field. He brings us a lot, as well as goals and assists, and it’s very easy to get along with him. Having a reference like this for rivals changes the way they approach the match.

Is he more of a leader now? Have you grown in leadership?

I think it has grown in all aspects. I have seen him up close these 6 years and he has grown in everything: goals, assists, way of expressing himself and getting along with the fans and the players. It is a mirror and an inspiration to look at myself. He has had difficult moments and has used all of that to become stronger physically and mentally.

How are you? Satisfied with your season and your performance?

I’m fine. Satisfied. She knew that the season was going to start differently because of the Olympics and she had to do a mini-preseason around the corner. At first he didn’t play what he wanted, but he had to take advantage of it. I had set myself a goal in October or November to be well and that’s how it has been. I want to continue growing and I feel that I am contributing to the team.

“Benzema has grown in everything; it shows a lot when he is on the pitch”

Did you consider leaving Madrid for the first time?

No, I didn’t think about it. I still have this and another year left and I have confidence in myself. The year of the injury was complicated and it’s not easy to get back in shape, but I knew that the second year I could bring out my full potential. Being the one who arrived in Madrid or surpassing that Marco.

Are you required more than others?

It may be, but I am the first non-conformist with myself. Over the years I have learned to value everything I do. If you see me with those eyes it’s because I’ve shown it and I think I’ve given a lot and I can give much more. My goal is to leave an important mark on Madrid and on Spanish football.

Horacio, your representative, told us in ‘El Larguero’ that Ancelotti had been the one who bet on you to be important… Did Ancelotti dispel your doubts?

Yes, I had several conversations with the coach and he gave me confidence, that you also have to earn it on the pitch. And I think that has been the case. I feel very comfortable with what he asks of me on the pitch. His ideas and the confidence he has shown me help a lot when it comes to being on the pitch, being calmer, performing more and better… and I think it’s showing a lot.

Did he even tell you that if you had an offer you shouldn’t leave because you were going to have opportunities?

Well, I don’t remember it being like that exactly. But I do remember that he wanted me for this year, that I was a player who could be important and any doubts that might have arisen from the outside dissipated.

“Modric, Casemiro and Kroos improve a little every year”

Is the arrival of Mbappé or Haaland good for a player like you whom Ancelotti sees as a top player in the 4-3-3?

Well, first let’s see if they come… We’re going to finish this season and we’ll see. I focus on mine, on what is currently happening in the team. The best always come to Madrid and I’m ready to be with anyone and to play here.

Would you like Mbappé to arrive? Next Tuesday is a rival; Would you like to have him as a partner next year?

I would like to play with the best. Mbappé is a player who has shown a lot and is hoping to come here. If he comes, I would be delighted to share a dressing room with him and we would understand each other wonderfully.

Do you see yourself starting against PSG?

Of course I would like to be the owner. I work for it and I see myself helping, contributing and being important. I am not the one who decides, the coach decides. We will see.

Are you obsessed with being at the World Cup in Qatar?

Obviously, I am always very excited to go with the National Team. It is something special when I have played with the Spanish National Team. I have to do well at the club and then Luis Enrique wants to call me.

“I hope Ramos is here and can face him…”

Has Militao managed to forget Ramos on the pitch? Have you managed not to miss Ramos?

Sergio is a legend of Madrid and Spanish football, but Alaba, Militao, Nacho… they are having a great season in defence, they are super solid,… as attackers we look back and he builds confidence in us… it is important for us … Militao is young, he feels a lot of confidence and he deserves it because he has conditions that few central defenders in the world have.

Have you spoken with Ramos before the tie?

He wrote to me after the game against Granada, he congratulated me on the goal and I told him that I hope he’s on the pitch and I can face him (laughs).

Are PSG favorites against Madrid?

In this case, there are no favorites. We are facing a great team, with great stars, but we are Madrid, we trust ourselves and that this year we are doing important things. We will go there to win.

In your mind, finishing your career at Madrid playing less or succeeding outside of Madrid is more important…

What prevails is to enjoy playing and play a lot in Madrid. Right now I have nothing else on my mind (laughs). You never know the future, but that’s what I want.

“There are no favorites against PSG”

Do you see Xavi’s Barça better or Cholo’s Atlético?

Barça is getting good results. They are two great teams that we must not forget, each with their style, they are competitors, they are complicated, but we always look at ourselves

Is it surprising that they are at 15 and 17 points?

That gives merit to what we do. We are very consistent and continuous in the results.

Do you think that doing few rotations can take its toll?

We take care of ourselves for that, but the calendar is what it is, but the coach sees us and will not put anyone who is not 100%. We are all very connected. In the last games, those who come out for refreshments give the team another air and that helps.

What happens to Hazard?

I see him well, wanting to show and give joy, but many things have been put together, some injury… it’s difficult to know, I don’t know exactly either. You have to ask him, one day he’ll tell us… He could still be very important this season, he has incredible talent, he’s one of the best players I’ve shared a locker room with, and it shows in training… contribute a lot between now and the end of the season, as I think he’s been doing lately when he’s out on the pitch.

“It may be that more is required of me than others. I want to leave a mark”

And Gareth Bale?

His day to day life is normal. He is a player who needs to be physically fit to give 100% on the pitch, he is a player who has given a lot to Madrid, and we’ll see… I see him well, and I see that he can be prepared to help.

Doesn’t he integrate so much into the group? Is he more apathetic and lonely?

It seems that way sometimes, but then in the locker room and in training he is quite integrated with everyone… It may seem that way, but everyone has their character, you can’t tell everyone to make jokes all day… he has his character but it is not as well as they paint it

How does it sound from midfield onwards with Casemiro, Modric, Asensio, Mbappé, Benzema and Vinicius?

Are you asking me? (laughs). Doesn’t sound bad at all. Respecting the squad that exists, it is not a position that I dislike, I feel comfortable, I can play there, on the right or as a striker. Sounds good, but we’ll see.

Casemiro, Kroos and Modric are better than two years ago…

It seems that each year that passes they are better, and I also notice it that way. Every year that passes they improve a little bit in everything. It is a midfield that remains for the memory of Real Madrid.

Casemiro-Kroos-Modric or Iniesta-Xavi-Busquets? Who is the best midfielder of all time? Which one would you stick with if you were a coach?

They are different, different styles, ways of playing that are not the same… Comparing them is nonsense, it is better to have enjoyed them…

Of those 6, which 3 do you keep?

With my 3, those from Madrid…

If you mark PSG, Ramos doesn’t send you a message anyway…

I’ll send it to you anyway, as a joke…

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Marco Asensio: “I didn’t consider leaving Real Madrid…”