Marc Crosas, the TUDN analyst who was ridiculed when trying to hang on Benzema and his Ballon d’Or

Marc Crosas during a Liga MX match with Cruz Azul in 2015. (Manuel Velásquez/LatinContent via Getty Images)

Marc Crosasex-soccer player and TUDN analyst, tried to get on the boat of Karim Benzema, named Ballon d’Or, but the attempt did not go well at all. With a photograph, Crosas recalled the time he shared with Benzema at Olympique de Lyon, in France. In addition, he accompanied his congratulations with a message in French. “Le meilleur joueur du Monde, la famille”. Soon, however, users were all over him for seeking prominence. “How to make everything about me”, “He doesn’t even know you”, “Marc is becoming a Hugo Sánchez, always wanting to be the center of attention”.

It was not only limited to his Twitter account. Analyst Pepe del Bosque posted an image of Benzema also during that time, at Lyon (where Karim was one of the most interesting French prospects), and Crosas went there to re-publish a photograph in which he appears disputing a ball while Karim watches from behind. In reality, neither of the two portraits show Crosas posing with the best player in the world, they simply share the screen circumstantially, but that was enough for the now commentator to get on the boat of victory.

Crosas was trained at La Masía in Barcelona and was promoted to the Catalan first team in 2006 —he did not play any games in the League, only three in the Cup—. During that time, he had to share a dressing room with several world figures, such as Ronaldinho, Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Deco, Eto’o, Marquez and else. In 2008, Crosas moved to Lyon to seek more minutes, but in the end he only played eight games with the team, then the most dominant team in Ligue 1. Although he only spent six months, he was actually a teammate of Benzema, and he still had luckier to get in a couple of incidental photos with him. Perhaps he did not know it, but those images would serve him twelve years later to try to hang on to the player of the moment.

In addition, they made him see that not even Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Real Madrid, uploaded photos with Benzema, Ballon d’Or, or with Courtouis, the best goalkeeper in the world. After passing through Scotland and Russia, Crosas landed in Mexico in 2012 to play for Santos Laguna. In 2014 he passed to Leones Negros, where he was relegated. In 2015 he signed for Cruz Azul, a club where he suffered a knee injury caused by Rubens Sambueza. After that, he had brief stints at Tenerife in the Second Division of Spain and at Tampico in the Liga de Ascenso. He retired in 2017. After his stage as a player, Crosas has ventured as a commentator on TUDN.

However, Crosas does not enjoy much sympathy in his role as a communicator (The tweets “celebrating” when he is not present are recurrent, as in the cases of Oswaldo Sánchez or Kikín Fonseca). In addition, on Twitter it is common for him to enter into discussions with other analysts and fans. The latter usually claim the pedantic tone with which he elaborates his arguments, with a tendency to want to show that he knows more than the others.

“The joke is to get noticed,” another user reminded him of his photo with Benzema. Certainly, Crosas’ career did not have much luster, beyond being champion in Mexico in the Clausura 2012. It can be recognized, yes, that he was fortunate to be at the right times to tell some experiences with true soccer stars. world (just that, photos, because none of those cracks has anything to say about Crosas and his game). As they have also been reminded on other occasions, his behavior is similar to what he should have if he had been a Barcelona legend. But it wasn’t and the only consolation left is to look for photos in poor resolution to see if it gets a bit of prominence.


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Marc Crosas, the TUDN analyst who was ridiculed when trying to hang on Benzema and his Ballon d’Or