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01/15/2022 –

ANDhe Majorca advance to the quarterfinals after beating Spanish in a high tension game. The locals were more comfortable throughout the tie, they did not see it in danger, while the visitors did not clearly generate in attack. Marc Take a great goal to open the scoring, abdn increase the distance and handful I put the parakeet block in the game.

The matches between Espanyol and Mallorca are always intense and full of tension. And that’s how the Cup commitment started. First I warned Espanyol with a good move between Scar Gil and Aleix Vidal and the locals replied with a great combination on the left wing. In the 11th minute, Mallorca arrived in great danger at the Espanyol area and, although the move was invalidated for offside, the parakeets suffered. Pedrosa, with his right leg, ran into Leo Román. It was an attractive and intense first quarter of an hour, Jaime Latre had already shown up to two cards.

It seemed like the match had entered a calmer phase, but ROT I woke him up again. Madrid, before half an hour, He fired a powerful shot from the edge of the box and the ball went wide just. It was the first clear action for Vicente’s men.

At minute 31, the first of the afternoon arrived. Great play by Mallorca that ended with Amath on the ground after a tackle by Sergi Gmez and the referee called a very dangerous foul. Take took responsibility and scored a great goal with his left leg. Diego López grazed the ball, but not enough. With 1-0, Mallorca was more comfortable than Espanyol. The parakeets rushed and did not reach the rival area with criteria. Instead, those of Garca Plaza had controlled the game. And, with these sensations, it was time to rest.

Espanyol left the locker room wanting to hit the table and keep the tie alive. Melendo, who had just jumped to the green, stole a ball in the spinal cord and the counter ended RdT, but it was. However, Mallorca did not wrinkle or intimidate. The Son Moix stands pressed and so did the team.

without suffering

The feeling is that the locals had the game well controlled and managed to play a large part of the minutes on the parakeet field. At minute 55 came the clearest for the parakeets. Bare took advantage of a slip by Salva Sevilla but his shot went very high. Even clearer was Amath. And he scored the block from Garca Plaza also in a set piece. Corner shot by Salva Sevilla and header by Abdn.

The tie seemed like it was ready for judgment due to the score and the image of both teams, but Espanyol cut distances in 61. Those, there was suspense, almost five minutes the Catalan fans had to wait until the VAR considered Puado’s goal as good. The nerves began to show on the green, but the sensations continued to be better for Mallorca. Espanyol did not generate.


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Mallorca, to rooms