Maguire’s father, trampled and with two broken ribs after the Wembley incidents in the European Championship final

Harry Maguire, Manchester United and England defender, has revealed to the British newspaper The Sun that his father was injured after the grave incidents around Wembley, when several fans tried to break into the stadium without a ticket to watch the final between Italy and England.

The defenseman explains that his 56-year-old father He ended up with several broken ribs and breathing difficulties after being trampled by several fans at the entrance to the London stadium. “It was not a pleasant experience, they did it a lot, but he was lucky, since in all the games he has been in he has had my nephew or one of my children on his shoulders,” explains Maguire.

Shameful: Hundreds of people sneak into Wembley causing fights

Alan was one of hundreds of innocent England fans caught in embarrassing scenes, like his agent, Kenneth Shepherd, as they make their way to the player’s family seating area. “I hope people learn from this. My father couldn’t breathe and ended up with some broken ribs, and I don’t want anyone to experience this kind of thing when they go to a football game. My father will keep coming to see me and support me in the games, but I would have to be a little more aware of everything, “he says.

He was lucky, since normally before the games he usually goes with my nephews or with one of my children on his shoulders

On what happened at Wembley before, during and after the final, Maguire asks the fans for prudence and serenity after these altercations of which he reveals more in The Sun. “Many people came to their seats and there were people sitting in them. That led to clashes with people who were told to move. Things could have been worse, “says the United defender.

Asked also if England is prepared to host a World Cup, Harry Maguire issued a warning: “We need to learn … and I am confident that we will.”