Madrid satellite the Cavani of the future

Madrid continues to search international markets in search of young talent. In that network of names that the white club manages, the name of ‘Canario’ Álvarez, the center forward of Peñarol de Montevideo who, at 20, has just made his successful debut with the Uruguayan team. Last week he played against Bolivia at the Estadio Campeón del Siglo (where he usually plays his matches with the aurinegros) and scored one of the four goals that Óscar Tabárez’s team endorsed Bolivia. Debuting with a goal in La Celeste does not go unnoticed by anyone. One of those who was most happy was Valverde, since El Pajarito, who also scored a goal that night against the Bolivians, He has friendship with him as he has shared an agency as a member of the Aurinegro group, the TMA company directed by Gerardo Rabajda, an exporter from Sevilla.

Agustín Álvarez Martínez (‘Canario’ is his football nickname) has been linked to Peñarol all his life and in its lower categories accumulates 113 goals in 170 games played. He’s 1.80 tall, stout, and a pure battering ram. He has started his second season at Peñarol. With the ‘carboneros’ he has 18 goals in 38 games in local competitions, and 9 goals in 12 games in the South American Cup. The ‘killer of San Bautista’ It has a current price on Transfermarkt of three million euros, an affordable market amount … although last April Peñarol renewed it until 2024 and put a termination clause of 20 million euros.

The data of Agustín Álvarez Martínez.

Peñarol assumes that sooner or later some European club will take it, but while reinforcing his progression with the icing on his triumphant debut with Uruguay, favored by the losses of Luis Suárez and Cavani for this window of international matches. If Madrid decided to hire him, his fate would be Raúl’s Castilla, which has Latasa and Gudjohsen in that position, but who lacks a man-born goal. Last season he got the loan of Hugo Duro, who came from Getafe and has now gone with Bordalás to Valencia. Curiously, the president of Peñarol, Ignacio Ruglio, was on a trip to Madrid on the 3rd. and he took the opportunity to visit the works of the Bernabéu, where Emilio Butragueño took him on a tour. Ruglio was impressed with the evolution of the Bernabéu and had time to say hello to Florentino Pérez. Who knows if ‘Canario’ Álvarez appeared at some point in the conversation …