Madrid meets the family

The row of interviews given by Kylian Mbappé In this break where he recognized that he had asked to leave PSG in the summer and that his idea was to join Real Madrid, he felt very well in the white club. But what not expected was a 180 degree message, which came from the mother and representative of the star. “We are talking to renew and it is going well”, revealed Fayza Lamari, the forward’s mother, in Le Parisien. A ‘counter programming’ that It has generated certain perpejlidad especially because it supposes the entrance in public scene of a direct relative of so much weight with apparently contradictory words with what was expressed hours before by Mbappé himself. Madrid runs into the family of a star again, but it is not the first time that has happened.

Every time the father of a possible signing in Madrid intervenes (he is not the only one) they start to tremble. It happened with Mustafá Özil, unanimously considered at the highest levels of the Concha Espina entity as the person responsible for the departure of the German international to Arsenal. The high and endless financial claims for his son, whom he represented, were the trigger for the break with Madrid and Mesut himself recognizes it in his autobiography. Of course, it was a very beneficial move for Mustafá Özil’s own pocket, which received from Arsenal a commission of € 7M for the transfer of his son.

Kylian Mbappé with his mother and also representative, Fayza Lamari.

Madrid also recently encountered a very demanding father in the figure of Hans-Erik Odegaard. Not only did he squeeze Madrid economically (he closed a salary of € 10.5M for three and a half years for his son) and in his commission (camouflaged under a contract as a Valdebebas coach), he also wanted to ‘speed up’ the process to integrate Martin into the first white team almost at all costs and even though not yet convinced any of the coaches of the time (Ancelotti, Benítez and Zidane).

Real Madrid Shield / Flag

Next could be Erling Haaland. Mino Raiola is the leading voice in the Norwegian’s career but the scorer’s father, former footballer Alf-Inge, is also an active part of the talks about his next move. Borussia’s striker internally insists that he prefers Madrid, but the temptation in the form of multi-million dollar commissions Both for Raiola and for the father they can muddy what is appreciated as a bid at the highest level next summer anyway.

Division of opinions in the same house

The silver lining to optimism regarding the position of Mbappé’s mother is that she herself has admitted that it was one of the two parties close to Kylian (the other was his lawyer) who advised him to leave PSG this past summer. The cross on the coin is that he did it … against the judgment of the player’s father. Mbappé is still closely linked to his parents, but the final decision will have to be his and at Madrid he is expected to change his mind and maintain what he held and has publicly recognized, that his future was passing and continues to pass through the Bernabéu.