Madrid is impatient with Hazard

Ancelotti He tries and grants him opportunities. Hazard He puts in all his effort, but it doesn’t seem to be enough. The Belgian shows signs of some improvement, but is still a long way from the role assigned to him upon arrival at the Real Madrid in the summer of 2019. He landed as a crack, as a reference, as a star and currently he is very far from being that player who can solve games like the

last Tuesday before him


. Injuries still take their toll. In the last matches, the space reserved for the former


it was the right wing. The other, the left, has become


. Nobody disputes the technician’s decision to give ownership to the Brazilian, moving the Belgian to a place where he does not feel comfortable at all.

At Chelsea he always started from the left looking to leave rivals behind

, looked at the center of the area and the goalkeeper with the possibility of throwing at the door with her good foot, the right one. Against the Moldovan team I tried. He fired up to three times between the three sticks and sought to make his characteristic move of leaving rivals behind on several occasions, like a skier that surpasses the gates of the course.

. In the 34 passes he made, 29 of them ended up in the desired destination.

He suffered three fouls and one of them, in the second half, went directly to the injured ankle. The entrance blew him away.

In the 66th minute he was substituted.


Ancelotti trusts him,

in that genius that led him to be a differential player. The white technical body sees in him a good predisposition towards work and believes that his improvement is necessary in the current

Real Madrid,

but the opportunities are passing and it continues without being decisive.

In the locker room they think you need that blow to win a match,

of being fundamental, to take that step that returns to show the Hazard of 2019 and previous years. Doubts appear as the calendar progresses. Seven out of nine games played by Real Madrid, adding zero goals and the same assists.

In none of the matches has he totaled ninety minutes of play

and in two of them barely a quarter of an hour has appeared on the field of play The credit runs out.

The fans have received him wanting to applaud him, but they expect much more from the Belgian

. The truth is that the attacking game of Real Madrid passes through the genius of Vinicius, the presence of


and the sparks of


. The Belgian is expected, but he does not finish launching, of being decisive, of being that player that in the


came to be considered one of the five best footballers in the world. Hazard knows that in Real Madrid he is having a lot of patience, as he has recognized. Now the floor has the forward and that blow of authority that does not finish arriving.

With 30 years and two serious injuries, perhaps his best version will not appear again

, but from the Bernabu they hope that at least some reflection of that Hazard illuminates Ancelotti’s team. Time is running out

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