Lukaku wants the Euro … and the Pichichi


06/21/2021 –

SBelgium entered the field with the qualification achieved and little desire to risk too much. Walking throughout the first half those of Roberto Martnez they still had a couple of chances Lukaku and Doku what stopped with merit Hradecky. But his rhythm was more similar to the pig trot than anything else and of course Finland was taking pride, which collects tons, to balance the game, in theory, the most unbalanced of the group. He locked himself up. Obviously. Did you have few occasions? of course. Did he suffer less than his share? Also.

Lukaku wants the Euro and the Pichichi

With Hazard and De Bruyne on the field as starters, the Belgians wanted their two stars to take a minutes. The one of the City took steps forward, the one of the Madrid agile in the second half. He had the clearest chance for his team in one of the stormy arrivals of Roberto Martnez’s men, but the Finnish goalkeeper made his night bitter. The best of the European centers was Doku. The 19-year-old boy decided to throw all the one against one that he could and the overflow gave some spark to some Belgians who were already thinking about the opponent in the second round.

With the whole second half ahead a titanic endurance exercise awaited Finland. Lukaku was about to end the jokes after a great assist from De Bruyne, but the VAR canceled the goal by millimeters. Breathe whole Finland. ButGloving was an odyssey and in a corner Vermaelen shot off the crossbar and in rebound hit the fins goalkeeper, who scored his own goal. With the Belgian goal, Finland advanced lines to try to add the point that would give them second place. There came Lukaku’s goal, who had been looking for it throughout the game. Marc and went to the booth to rest. He wants the Euro … and the Pichichi.


They applaud Finland. Do it. Don’t be cut off. TOlight the name of one of your unpronounceable players. Discuss the issue at the bar when reading the BRAND. The Nordic selection deserves an aside. Honors of head of state in a European Championship in which everyone considered her eliminated before starting. He beat Denmark at its premiere and has options to play the round of 16 as third in the group. Few, but it does. A debut success.