Luka Modric, to infinity

Luka modric I extended contract last last month of May. The Croatian and the Real Madrid agreed to keep their paths together until June 30, 2022. The footballer accepted a salary cut that other footballers rejected, such as Sergio Ramos, in order to see his dream come true, which is none other than hanging up his boots in the Bernabu.

But Modric still sees that horizon far away. In fact, the Golden Ball 2018 he looks fit to continue playing two or three more years, that is, until reaching the 40-year-old barrier (I turned 36 on September 9), a conviction based both on purely arguments soccer What physical. The player continues to be key at Real Madrid, despite the strength of young people like Fede Valverde or Eduardo Camavinga, and its performance is beyond question. Also, his form is even better than a few years ago, based on a strict plan of personal care that keeps you in perfect condition for the practice of elite football.

Modric’s magic: Nothing here, nothing there and two rivals on the ground

Luka Modric has always expressed his desire to hang up his boots in Madrid, and at the white club the idea is seductive. In fact, the club welcomes Modric’s continuity beyond the date that marks his current contract.. Obviously, it is too early for formal talks to take place on the matter, but Madrid are open to the idea of ​​Modric’s continuity, based mainly on his exceptional performance sports. Last season, without going any further, I played 48 games, being one of the footballers most used by Zidane. And, although the present has just begun, the normal thing is that it ends up haunting similar records.

In addition to its sporting benefits, Madrid is aware of the symbolic and sentimental value of Modric and his rise among the Madrid fans, who have one of their greats in the Croatian idols and references. A key player in the imperial cycle of the four out of five Champions League and the first to break the bank duopoly set by Messi and Christian in the fight for the Baln de Oro.

The impressions of the renewed Modric: his memories, the Golden Ball and the secret of the 13

‘Extra’ incentives

Modric’s priority is to stay in white. That award alone motivates the Croatian footballer in an extraordinary way, who also has two additional incentives on his sporting horizon. On the one hand, the possibility of ‘releasing’ the new Bernabu, whose reform process should end by the end of 2022. The same date on which another of Modric’s great objectives is set, which is none other than his presence with Croatia in the Qatar World Cup. The World Cup event will put the finishing touch to the international career of Luka Modric, 142 games since 2006 with the world runner-up of Russia 2018 as the most outstanding achievement and great milestone in the history of the Balkan team.