Luis Suárez declares war on James Rodríguez: The repercussions

Luis Suárez unleashed a wave of repercussions, after publishing a photo that was branded as “treason” towards James Rodríguez.

Luis Suárez was accused of declaring war on James Rodríguez for something he was doing and that has nothing to do with the world of football. If something was missing from the soap opera between James Rodríguez and Karol G, it is for a footballer to get in the middle … And that is the role that Luis Suárez played!

The Atlético de Madrid player was very comfortable with Karol G, with whom he shared an evening where laughter abounded. Of course he was not alone, he attended with his wife Sofía Balbi, but social networks did not forgive him!

James Rodríguez and Karol G have been on everyone’s lips for weeks, especially after they were shown together in a postcard that does not stop adding likes.

Back in England, James Rodríguez focuses his attention on his work commitments … But it seems that Karol G likes to party with Luis Suárez! The repercussions were not long in coming, especially among the players from different clubs who reacted when they saw the postcard. Among them are Arthur Melo, Ivan Rakitić, Sergi Roberto and Marc Bartra.

Karol G always knows how to captivate with her charms. The one who fell exhausted at her feet was James Rodríguez and, far from keeping everything a secret, he is giving her his like in every postcard she publishes, as proof of how much he likes to see her pose on his profile. Karol G is well single and the rumors that both have more than good vibes have been spreading for a long time.

If the bichota conquered him indoors, it is pure speculation, but what there is no doubt is that, at least on social networks, James Rodríguez is keeping an eye on him …

But the one who goes to party with her is Luis Suárez!