Luis Enrique: “It has been the calmest session of my life”

Have you suffered more than you should?

It has suffered a lot. I knew this was not going to be a military parade. We were lucky to get ahead with Jordi Alba’s goal, but they were in the game and tied. Everything changes with the expulsion, and during the extra time we made merits not to get the penalty shootout. But if you have to go, you go.

Has Unai Simón reaffirmed himself?

I am very happy to see Unai Simón as the hero of the match. I celebrate it for him and for the whole group, which is magnificent.

What goal is there now?

I said from day one that Spain was among the eight best, and we are already among the four. Now we have to see how far we get.

It’s been a month of concentration and almost everything has happened …

It is a reinforcement for the team to overcome forced situations. Everything has happened to us in these thirty-odd days of concentration, and the team has been surpassing itself. If any team is prepared to overcome adversity, it is Spain.

Is this semifinal deserved?

Of course yes. Reviewing the games we have played, except for the second one when we were a little worse, we have been at a great level throughout the tournament. That is why we are in the semifinals.

Don’t you think you lack luck in the area?

Luckily Gerard Moreno has failed today and not Morata, because if it is Álvaro they impale him. But hey, everyone fails and everyone gets it right. I don’t want to answer badly, but the situation that one and the other have experienced is quite evident, but both are my players and I love them the same.

Many nerves in the penalty shootout?

It was the calmest penalty shootout of my life, because it had to be whatever it was and there was no going back. We have made the last changes thinking about penalties. Take a penalty in a final phase if you are not clear about it, then better not. It has been a great joy and the costumes deserve it.