Live transfer market: last hour of the market closing and reactions

Unexpected guest by Rüdiger

The world did not expect in the 21st century a war like the one that is taking place in Ukraine after the invasion of Russia. Nor does he Chelsea already Antonio Rudigerwho have been fully affected by the consequences, even in football, among the infinite consequences of a war conflict.

Everything was going from strength to strength Stamford Bridgewith the only mole of the controversy surrounding the statements and the sports buzz with Lukakuuntil Putinclose friend of Roman Abramovich, He gave the order. That friendship has cost the blues dearly, right now stunned by their strange situation.

The Russian stepped aside, leaving a club for sale and whose assets have been frozen by the government British. It does not have the power to sell tickets, nor to buy or sell players. And neither to renew contracts, with players like Christensen or Azpilicueta on the brink of extinction of their own. As well Rudigerwith whom everything was already agreed after a thorny negotiation, in the absence of the signature. Marina Granovskaianow interim manager of the club, her hands are tied and with several hot potatoes between them.

In that troubled sea and that current of uncertainty, the greats of Europe who are looking for a central defender want to cast their nets, a coveted piece in the current market due to its low offer. When the door of the German international, one of the best on the scene today, seemed to close, now it opens wide. Alerted on Real Madrid. Alerted on Bayern Munich. And the Juventus. The tertiary actor that no one expected and that now seems to pole position to induct him into the ranks as a free agent.

affirms it La Gazzetta dello Sportand also, between the lines, Pavel Nedved. The youth sports director has not bitten his tongue to leave the renewal of Dybala in the air, as well as to confirm, between the lines, the interest in the ex of the Rome: “He is an excellent player, but he still has a contract with Chelsea.” Precisely, the German could occupy the salary range of the Argentine.

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Live transfer market: last hour of the market closing and reactions