“Like it or not, Luis Enrique triumphs”

I read a colleague say that Luis Enrique he has failed, with his ideas, but failed. Respectable concept of what happens around the Spanish national football team when it comes from winning the European champion and losing with the world champion in that way that an English citizen called Taylor it has taught us and that we even thought it was illicit. Everyone can think what they want,

but the facts are there. I refer to one not to mention dozens of colleagues (they are within their right to do so of course) who think the same. Or those who said years ago that the selection mattered less to them than the representative of the

AFA (Argentine soccer association) and that now they have changed. Curious.

In the background the selection is almost always used as a throwing weapon. But it strikes me that this is the case even in moments that can be considered as good, such as the one experienced during the past week. On the bad, it can become understandable because hitting the Federation has always been free. It has never mattered. Many are uncomfortable, annoyed or annoyed that Luis Enrique is doing well. They do not like it. Their guts or something else turns when they see that now there is a group of players who can get excited, that they will not be the kings of the world, but that they can fight to be. And all because in front there is a peculiar type, with the character of a leader, who says what he thinks, but does not think what he says. Of course you are wrong.

Without a doubt, but there is Spain, next to the best.

At the moment those players who are called some of them for your interests, as I have read, they work and teach a way of understanding football that you like or not, has led the national team to compete.

From 2008 to 2012, Spain won.

Now they suffer in each game, but with identity and character, the one given by Luis Enrique. Like it or not. I don’t know what to achieve as a coach, but what is clear is that to fail has not failed. Time will judge you.

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