Liga MX: Which players are in the anti eleven so far in the Clausura 2022 Tournament?

10 days have already been played and these players have not managed to meet the expectations within their teams in the Clausura 2022 Tournament

The MX League reached his day 10 of Closing Tournament 2022and with it, the analysis of the elements that have left something to be desired during the first eight days.

On ESPN We introduce you to the players that are part of the anti eleven in this Mexican soccer contest.

Raul Gudino

the goalkeeper of Chivas He has not lived his best moment with the team from Guadalajara, and in the present Closure 2022 has made mistakes that have had a managerial impact on the team’s performance.

Raul Gudino He is one of the goalkeepers with the most goals in this tournament, but the difference between him and the other two goalkeepers is that the former Porto goalkeeper has committed a greater number of mistakes and his outstanding actions are few in the first eight days.

Chaka Rodriguez

The tigers march in the third position of the Closure 2022but one of the Achilles heels suffered by the team of Michael Herrera it is through the left wing, where Rodríguez has seen his performance diminished and is far from his best level.

Jorge Mere

Jorge Mere lives his first season in Mexico and arrived from the Colony of Germany. However, during his first matches his performance has been far from expected, and proof of this is that in the last two games of MX League he was a substitute and in the central he has stood out Jordan Silvawhile Bruno Valdezdespite his bad moment, he has responded fairly.

Gilberto Sepulveda

‘Tiba’ has experienced a downward tournament, as his errors in defense have affected the team significantly, and the praise he had received a few months ago has turned into criticism.

The irregular moment he is experiencing is clearly reflected in his time on the court, since he started as a starter in the tournament, but he has had little participation in the last three games.

Jesus Gallardo

the player of scratched He has had a poor performance over the last few months, but in this championship he has been one of the main players singled out by the Blue and Whites’ fans, who have questioned and booed him at BBVA.

louis romo

The midfielder arrived as a star signing for the Monterrey team, but after 10 games (not counting two pending matches), the fans have been clear and have described the arrival of the footballer as a “scam”, since his level is far from being the one who achieved with Blue Crossclub that obtained in the exchange to Charlie Rodriguezwho lives a great moment making goals and assists.

He even missed a penalty in a duel against León and this was one of the main aspects to get the boos.

Jonathan dos Santos

The youngest of the Dos Santos assured that he did not reach the America to make up for the bad step his brother Giovani had for two years at the club. However, Jonathan’s activity has also left much to be desired, as he is a reinforcement of the Eagles with fewer minutes in the tournament.

As if that were not enough, he was expelled in the National Classic against Chivas, exacerbating his poor performance.

Juan Otero

The midfielder by right arrived in the middle of the tournament from Saints and in his time with the Eagles he has been criticized, because his weight on the field has left much to be desired, since he is not the reinforcement that the fans expected for the championship.

Marco Fabian

The already experienced Mexican midfielder received the confidence to reach Mazatlanbut his performance has not been the best and he has become a duty to be the partner in the field that he wants to have Nico Benedetti.

Rogelio Funes Mori

The Argentine naturalized Mexican adds three goals in the tournament. However, it has been more his mistakes and failures than the goals he has achieved that has prevailed in the striker.

Funes Mori He is the top scorer in the history of the team, but he is one of the most notable. Since his last entry, scratched He was also less and his failures facing the goal have represented loss of points and with this the dismissal of the technician Xavier Aguirre.

Henry Martin

He is the forward of the Eagles with more minutes in the Closing Tournament 2022 and also their failures within the area have been relevant to see the feathered ones at the bottom of the classification.

The fans have him in their sights and do not hesitate to shoot against him every time he has the ball at his feet or tries to shoot on goal. The two goals that they add have not been enough to help a America experiencing its worst crisis in the last decade.

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Liga MX: Which players are in the anti eleven so far in the Clausura 2022 Tournament?