Liga MX: Stories left by Day 14 of Clausura 2022

ESPN presents the best moments in the fourteenth date of Mexican football, three from the end of the regular phase

The Matchday 14 of the Closure 2022 He left many emotions and it is that he granted the pass to the league directly to Tigres and Pachuca, in addition to the fact that Chivas were able to win, although they did so without Marcelo Michel Leaño on the bench, since the Mexican strategist was dismissed in the middle of the week.

Besides, America added his fourth victory in a row under the command of Ferdinand Ortiz and FC Juárez seem to be resigned to being the last place in the quotient table and paying a million dollar fine.

then in ESPN We present you the stories left by day 14 of Closing 2022.

Los Rojinegros fell in a game where Julius Furch At times he was the hero and in the end he ended up as a villain, and that is that the striker scored the goal for the Tapatios to direct a possible comeback when they were down on the scoreboard 0-2.

However, at minute 81 he was sent off for a foul from behind in midfield on Brian Rubio. This action took him to the showers early and not being able to help his team even the game.

In addition, the victory was ground gold for the Sinaloans, who were three points behind Necaxa in the quotient table and are awaiting the results to see if they can avoid paying a million-dollar fine.

A game of many goals and in which the Rayos breathed by getting a valuable victory for their fight in the quotient table and thus moving away from the Mazatlecos in the direct fight for the fifteenth position in said table.

Milton Gimenez Y Rodrigo Aguirre they were the cereos of the team Jaime Lozanoas both scored a double that left some people from Potosi without opportunities who sought to return to life for another double of German Berterame.

Pachuca became the first team to qualify directly for the league after the victory against Juarenses. Nicholas IbanezIn addition, he scored his ninth goal in the campaign to put pressure on Andre-Pierre Gignac.

With the three units, the hidalguenses reached 32 points and the fifth place, which is Atlas, has 22 points, so they would no longer reach them even if they win their remaining matches, so the pupils of William Almada they will no longer leave the first four places.

The Eagles added their fourth win in a row thanks to Ferdinand Ortizwho seems to have found a way to lead the azulcremas to compete again after a stormy start to the tournament under the command of Santiago Solari.

Ortiz led his pupils to win 1-3 at the border and gave the Eagles their best streak so far this season, which led them to enter 8th place in the general table and ensure, more and more, a place in the playoffs.

A game of many kicks where four players were expelled, and that is Peter Hernandez Y santiago colombatto were the ones thrown out by the emeralds, while Paul Parra Y Alberto Herrera they were the ones sacrificed by the poblanos.

With this victory, those led by Nicholas Larcamon They obtained their first win in the last five duels and established themselves in third place overall to get four points behind the fourth place that is Rayados.

Andre-Pierre Gignac was the figure of the match along with John Paul Vigonand it is that the game of both feline elements caused them to win 3-0 over some Devils who had no answer at the Volcano.

Furthermore, the pupils of Michael Herrera they took the top of the general table and were the second team to definitively sneak into the league, because like Pachuca, they have 32 units and Atlaswhich is fifth place, cannot catch up with him in points.

While, Gignac he added his 11th goal to take the lead in the scoring table and thus increase his history with the club and in the Mexican league.

Jordan Carrillo he rescued a point for the Guerreros in the 95th minute. It was on the last play that the 20-year-old midfielder prevented his team from falling. His annotation caused them to remain alive in the tournament with three days to go, since they are only one point away from playoff spots.

Michel Leano left the rojiblanco team and they won their first game under the command now of Richard Chainwho was left as interim helmsman of the team before the departure of Leaño just a few days ago.

Christian Calderon sank the machine John Reynosowho does not pick up the pace and this defeat is added to that of the failure in the semifinals against Cougars in the Concacaf Champions League.

Besides, Alexis Vega He was ejected after a confrontation with Ignatius RiveroWell, the Mexican complained about an entry from the sky-blue player and reminded him that in a friendly game he also wanted to hurt him.

with victory, Chivas entered the playoff zone by climbing to 11th position, while Blue Cross He stayed in sixth place in the general classification.

With one man less and with a double of Washington Corozothe felines gave the surprise by beating the most expensive squad in the MX League. And it is that Juan Dinenno he was expelled rigorously by a stomp.

While, corozo He scored his first brace since arriving in Mexico to seal the three units and boost the team from Andres Lillini to position seven in the general table and fill the team with spirits after they reached the final of the Concacaf Champions League.

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Liga MX: Stories left by Day 14 of Clausura 2022