Liga MX Femenil: Chivas goes back to Pumas and settles in the Clausura 2022 semifinals

Despite a spectacular first half by Pumas, Chivas managed to turn the score around and settle in the semifinals.

Chivas came from behind and turned the scoreboard to beat Cougars 3-2 and advance to the semifinals of the Closing Tournament 2022with a global score of 5-4.

After 2-2 in the quarterfinals of the first leg, this Monday Cougars surprised in the first half with two goals, but the rojiblancas rose from the ashes, overcame the rival 2-2, and with a close of physical wear and tear, they got the win 3-2; with merits they are in the prelude to the final after eliminating the seventh place in the regular tournament.

Chivas the party began to beat the drum, without knowing that Cougars I would make things difficult for him because of the close scoring he did to him in the first half, especially before surprising and opening the scoring.

The university students did not have the ball, but they did have the intelligence to hunt down Chivas, who went ahead, but at the first opportunity the visiting team opened the scoring at minute 6; the Flock gave defensive liberties and Liliana Rodriguez He finished off with his left foot and made it 0-1 with a great goal; without any marking he lowered the ball with his chest, settled down and sent it to the back of the net.

Chivas turned to the front, although always with the defensive pressure of Cougars who already delayed their lines a bit, so that the rojiblancas were the ones with the most physical wear. Alice Cervantes He took the offensive baton and at minute 24 he had the clearest opportunity for his team with a right hand that crashed into a post. Licha was very mobile, but he forgot to position himself better and not fall out of place.

Chivas kept insisting on the front and Caroline Jaramillo He shot dangerously at 30′ from outside the area, and when the rojiblancas were at their best on the pitch, Cougars roared at 33′ and the capital women increased the score after a counterattack.

With a right cross at the near post, the American Aerial Lyndonna Chavarin beat the goalkeeper white felix that nothing could do to avoid the 0-2.

The defensive strength that he showed Chivas in 17 dates, receiving only six goals, he collapsed, and in two games he already has four goals against; however, he was able to react at the end of the first half; at 40 ‘he shortened distances with annotation of Michelle Gonzalez who almost sent the ball into the net with his back. The 1-2 put to Guadalajara in the fight again after taking a corner kick and there was a lot of time to get the favorable result.

The second half was played almost the same: Chivas overlapping and Cougars looking to defend their partial victory, and early the locals scored the 2-2 tie that put them in the semifinals. At 54′, Caro Jaramillo scored, after Licha Cervantes had fought intensely for the ball.

Montoya served the cross to the second post, where Jaramillo scored the goal he needed Chivas. Now Cougars was against the wall, while the rival did not stop looking for another goal, which fell to 85 penalty. There was a push on Montoya in the area and the marking was immediate. Licha Cervantes He got behind the ball and in a great way sent it to the bottom of the university goal.

The 3-2 seemed definitive; Cougars I needed to do two more goals and not receive any. The chiverío won 5-4 on aggregate and its people supported with everything, in a stadium that registered less than 4,000 fans.

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Liga MX Femenil: Chivas goes back to Pumas and settles in the Clausura 2022 semifinals